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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

This week I wanted to give you something good. Something that you can read, like, share AND print. Here are 10 basic signature cocktail ideas and one printable freebie, crowd pleasing and easy on the budget!

champagne toast

Here are 10 basic signature cocktail ideas. You can toss in a garnish or a splash of something extra to personalize it for your big day! Opt for the brand of liquor that you prefer and keep reading for some wedding planner tips from yours truly!

Rum + Coke
Whiskey + Cream Soda
Tequila  + Ginger Beer
Vanilla Vodka + Dr. Pepper
Rumchata + Root Beer

Apple Cider + Bourbon
San Pellegrino + Vodka
Iced Tea + Gin
Orange Juice + Tequila
Coffee + Kahlua

For more cocktail ideas checkout Yummly, narrow down recipes by the type of alcohol you want, the garnish you’re looking for and just about anything else your heart desires.

champagne glasses - delish!

– Don’t be afraid to limit what you host to keep the liquor portion of your bill affordable. It’s most common to host beer and wine (you pay for it) and to have hard liquor part of the cash bar (guests pay for it).

– Using an online drink calculator is a great place to start, but also check in with your bartenders, they may have some expert insight on what is the norm for the venue, season or region. Also, think about the people you are inviting, are they heavy drinkers or light drinkers?

– Listen to your guest list, if the crowd that will be at your wedding loves craft beer, host a keg from Dangerous Man. If you have wine drinkers, think chardonnay and merlots. If you and your fiancé have a drink that you are known for, host a signature cocktail and add a punch of personality!

– For signature cocktails plan to purchase enough liquor and mixer (juice and soda and garnishes) for 1 drink per person (over the age of 21). If you think your drink will be really popular, perhaps it’s a family favorite, purchase extra mixer. Likely the bar will have extra liquor but not the soda or juice.

Sixpence Events & Planning free drink menu

To get your free printable drink menu click here. If you want to make your own bar menu, head to Canva and use the Food and Drink Menu template. Happy mixing!

Images from K Solberg Photography.

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