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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

You might be thinking – “A video of my wedding! Great, more things to spend my money on.” Woah. What’s with the ‘tude dude? Before you jump the gun and ask about costs, let’s talk about the value. Because there is so much to be had when you hire a wedding videographer, and then invite them to the biggest day of your unmarried life… getting married.

Here are 10 Reasons to Hire a Videographer:

Getting Married in Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Video Awards

1. So you can relive the best day of your life. This is fairly straightforward.

2. So you can capture al of your loved ones in one place; talking and smiling and laughing and dancing.

3. So you can remember loved ones who are old and aged. Sorry to get morbid, but great grandma Ellen just won’t live forever, and how lucky to have her on video wishing you well and giving you wedding blessings galore.

4. So you can see everything that happened on your wedding day. Unfortunately, you can only be in one place at a time. Oy.

5. So you can hear those toasts, laugh and cry all over again, perhaps this time prepared with a box of tissues, or maybe the ability to fast forward…

6. So other people can see your wedding, because not everyone will be in attendance nor in existence (ahem. future children you might have in your life)

7. So other people can HEAR your wedding. Think about those hard of hearing, perhaps they really could not hear the vows or the toasts. I know my husband wanted said vows to really be communicated only to me in that moment (SO SWEET!) but did allow himself to be mic’ed for the video — therefore we can hear him when we watch our wedding day on repeat, on the big screen.

8. So you can remember why you got married. On your wedding day you say things you mean, but you say them with grand fervor and meaning. Next time you feel discouraged or deterred in your relationship (I am told this could happen), pop in your wedding movie and fall in love all over again (or fall more in love!)

9. So you can prove to your MIL that yea, Aunt Millie did come; and that no, you did not serve crab legs during dinner. Fact check!

10. So you don’t regret not hiring a videographer.

MN Wedding Video Awards at MN Masonic Heritage Center

Don’t forget to join us for The Minnesota Wedding Video Awards on March 4th, you might just find a few more reasons of your own! If you’d like more information about this event checkout the Facebook page.

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