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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

I’d love for you to have all the money you need for your wedding, without a care in the world about budgets, but if that isn’t the case heed my advice and opt to prioritize the following 10 ways to splurge on your wedding.

  1. Servers. Trying to save money by opting for a more economical catering package is smart. Not having a game plan for clearing tables – including the buffet table? Not as pleasant of a predicament. Spend the extra money to have servers, have them arrive two hours before dinner and stay two hours afterwards, I think a total of 5 hours keeps them from rushing and your guests from being rushed.
  2. Time. Buffer every activity on your wedding day with an extra 15 minutes. That way if something comes up or if someone is running behind you won’t run late. Stressing about being on time isn’t the best way to spend your wedding day.

  3. Comfortable shoes. It might mean opting for 2 pairs, but having comfortable shoes will make you feel like your floating through the day, instead of limping and wincing. Have 1 fancy pair for your first look, pictures and the ceremony, then after dinner slip into something comfortable. Minnesota wedding ceremony venues can come with their fair share of rugged terrain, so think about where you are walking on your wedding day and opt for slip on wellies or cowboy boots if necessary.
  4. Temperature controlled rooms. Whether that’s inside amenities or outside rented fans or heaters. Keep yourself and your guests’ body temps moderate, it’s one less thing for anyone to complain about. Minnesota has a lot of wedding venues that have upgraded amenities, like Nicollet Island Pavilion and Three Rivers Park District.


  5. An expert DJ. An iPod isn’t a bad option, but if you want a ceremony that runs smoothly, timed perfectly with a processional song that slowly fades out, you’ll need an experienced professional. Receptions always feel better with a DJ to emcee the events, to make sure your guests know what’s going on and what’s coming up next. Hire someone who isn’t too shy to shout and who can direct the night, keeping guests on the dance floor and everyone raving about how much fun they’re having.
    See: Neckwerk Entertainment.
  6. A day of coordinator. Of course I would suggest this, because I’m a wedding planner. I don’t say it lightly, having seen first hand what it looks like when you don’t have a person in charge, and always having something to do at weddings I am a part of, you must opt to have 1 person in charge and running the show. Not your sister, or your ma, someone with experience who can keep their cool when things don’t go as planned. Check out my stress free weddings here.
  7. Cake serving. Sure Aunt Rhonda can cut and serve your wedding cake, but an experienced team of staff members will have cake plated before you can say ‘just a small slice, please’. No fuss, no muss.grooms shoes, wear them in before your wedding day


  8. A well stocked emergency kit. Placing small emergency kits in the bathrooms will help your guests stay fresh and pretty, but don’t forget about you and your pals. You’ll want to bring along extra pins, a small sewing kit, deodorant. Anything to help you out in a pinch. Grab great ideas from Pinterest and only include what you think you’ll use.
  9. Hosted bar. Note: I didn’t say all night long, but hosting at minimum a few kegs and bottles of wine seems fair. It’s a kind gesture to your guests signifying that you want them to enjoy themselves, to truly celebrate your newly made vows.
  10. Wheelchair accessibility. If you are having your ceremony or reception in a field or on the golf course, make it easy on guests by renting a golf cart. Anything you can do to ensure your guests have a great time will come back at you like good wedding karma.

Splurging on those ten things can really give you a stress free wedding day, one that all your guests will enjoy. Even though it isn’t really about all them, it’s about you and your fiancé and your love, but if someone’s going to come out and support that love, I think they deserve a good time.

Agree or disagree? What are you splurging on for your wedding? Thank you to Kelly Birch Photography for the images!

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