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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

A Minnesota wedding can be a tricky event to manage, but only because of the cold. To be honest, I think more couples should opt for a winter wedding, they can be terribly pretty and wonderfully intimate. Before you embark on booking vendors for your winter wedding check out these 10 ways to splurge and get the most out of it.

  1. Outdoor heaters. For those who want to get a breath of fresh air or just want to marvel at the landscape at your venue, providing a heater or two can keep guests comfortable inside or out.
  2. Winter wear for your wedding party. Wedding attire is fairly skewed towards one season: strapless, which might mean chills for all. Be polite and purchase matching shawls or wraps for your gal pals.
  3. Pretty flowers. There are fewer flowers that are in bloom in the winter months, but by increasing your budget for flowers you can get practically whatever your heart desires. Since flowers don’t like low temps, you aren’t going to take them outside… right?
  4. Guest favors. Instead of mints and matchsticks set up a to go station at the end of the night. For guests departing and heading out into the cold unknown, provide a hot drink station with to go cups branded with your wedding logo.
  5. Valet. Hiring someone to park the cars allows your guests to scurry inside the venue quickly and to depart into warm cars, with their hot cocoa to go.
  6. Lots of lighting.  Winter in the Northern Hemisphere means it gets darker earlier. keep it lit by stringing lights and renting extra candles, like 100 extra.
  7. Start your wedding earlier (or later). To take advantage of the shorter days start your Minnesota wedding ceremony at 3 PM for extra sunlight or at 6 PM for a more moody and romantic feel.
  8. Have a bonfire. Not a ten foot high pallet made fire, but something in a pit or outdoor fireplace to snuggle up by and roast marshmallows on.
  9. Plan for an outdoor first look. I know it’s cold, like literally freezing, but spending 10 minutes in the chilly cold might just make for some of your favorite photos.
  10. Allow for extra travel time, because snow.

Splurging on those ten things can really give you a stress free winter wedding, one that all your guests will enjoy. Even though it isn’t really about all them, it’s about you and your fiancé and your love, but if someone’s going to come out and support that love, I think they deserve a good time, rain or shine, snow or sleet.

Agree or disagree? What are you splurging on for your Minnesota winter wedding?

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