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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Sundays. For most, Sunday is a day of leisure, it’s your day off and you likely want to spend it spending your money.


Either heading out to brunch or going shopping. But let me entice you to spend your Sunday at a wedding fair, planning on how you’re going to spend your money. After all, it’s going to happen at some point. Your much pondered over wedding budget is going to be divvied out and spent and passed out like it’s parade candy and you’ve only got one street block left.

In preparation for the next wedding fair of the season at Hyland Ski Chalet in Bloomington, Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Wedding Fair:

To meet wedding vendors.
Is this one too obvious? Sending an inquiry email and playing the phone tag game can get frustrating and feel impersonal. Attending a wedding fair will let you meet and greet wedding vendors who are ready to convince you, you need them at your wedding. It’s like walking through the beauty counter section at Macy’s, only you’re 100% interested in trying samples and being spritzed with perfume.

located in Bloomington near 494 and 100 and 169. Easy to get too, free shuttles to one of many hotels in the area

To see the space where you’ll say ‘I do’ (or are thinking of saying ‘I do’ at)
And I’m not talking about just photo albums. Some wedding fairs are hosted at the actual Minneapolis wedding venue you’ve selected as your own. This gives you an opportunity to explore the space, ask questions and envision with ease what your big day will look like.

Dillinger Studios Minneapolis wedding Photographer

You don’t know, what you don’t know.
Assumedly you’re new to this whole wedding planning process. You haven’t done it before and therefore you only know what to expect based on other friends’ weddings, your online wedding resources, and your mother’s antiquated advice (“Don’t forget to have a dollar dance!”).

Attending a wedding fair gives you a chance to see what is trending and to hear about all the things you don’t know you should or could have or do at your wedding. It can give you the courage to make decisions for your own wedding, knowing that you aren’t doing something weird or strange. Dinosaur cake topper? Encouraged. Nixing the bouquet toss? Acceptable.

not just for skiing, get married at Hyland Hills Ski Chalet in the non-winter months

To get motivated
Let’s face it, there’s a lot of procrastination that comes along with planning a wedding. Attending a wedding fair can help motivate you to refine your guest list, book that last vendor you need, or even write your wedding vows. Being amongst other couples who are in the same shoes you are can really make this whole wedding thing feel real. It is happening, get motivated and get planning.

Minnesota wedding venue in Bloomington

To save money
You heard right. Wedding fairs mean wedding vendors running wedding fair specials, deals or discounts. Book on site and you can save even more! Best practice is to set up a consultation with vendors you want to hear more about. At the very least head to their social media accounts and follow them so they can stay on your radar.

large glass windows floor to ceiling | Minnesota wedding venue

Wedding fair season is fast approaching so be sure to check out the next Three Rivers Park District Wedding Fair on October 1st from 1- 4 pm with live Q&A sessions every half hour. I’ll see you there my friend!


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Photo by Dillinger Studios at Hyland Hills Ski Chalet, dress from Annika Bridal