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7 Reasons Why a Hotel Wedding May Be Best Suitable For You

By Embassy Suites Minneapolis Downtown

When you begin imagining your wedding day, location is likely at the forefront of your mind. It’s the 2nd decision you make once engaged (selecting your date or time of year is the first). As you piece together your perfect day, the cost can add up quick! Site fees, chair rentals, décor, transportation, food, drinks and all those Pinterest-worthy special touches that we all ‘need’ to have.

After planning nearly fifty weddings, I have found gatherings in hotel venues not only save the soon-to-be wed couple money, but also time, stress and worry. So here I present to you the top perks of hosting your ‘Best Day Ever’ at a hotel.

1. Convenience
In a hotel like the Embassy Suites Minneapolis Downtown, there are multiple event spaces in one convenient location to host all your day-of needs. Bridal party getting ready rooms: CHECK. Photography opportunities: CHECK. Ceremony: CHECK. Dinner and Dancing: CHECK. Honeymoon Suite: CHECK. By having everything in one location, it not only makes it easier for you and your bridal team to get around but also for your guests. Imagine: no one will have a good excuse for being late to your ceremony 😉

2. Cuts Transportation Costs
When you have bridal prep is at ‘Location A’, Ceremony at ‘Location B’, Reception at ‘Location C’ and your honeymoon suite at ‘Location D’, you have to hire transportation to get around to all those places. This can take a huge hit on your budget that maybe you were not necessarily planning for. And the same goes for your guests; at a hotel they do not need to stress about driving their vehicle to any other locations or that awkward 3-hour gap between ceremony and cocktail hour.

3. Straight-Forward Packages
A hotel typically offers food and beverage packages specifically for weddings that cover everything you and your guests will need. I GET IT! At first, you might feel “sticker shock” — $65 per person! But what sometimes couples fail to realize, is what is INCLUDED in that $65 price: At Embassy Suites Minneapolis Downtown, the basic package includes hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, champagne toast, first course and entrée complete with a late night snack. Sure, a catering company might offer you half that price, but it only includes first course and entrée. When you pick packages it takes less work out of the game for you and you get to see your dollar stretched a bit further.

4. The Elevator Ride Home
The only thing you’ll be riding in at the end of the night is an elevator. Sounds pretty simple and great, right?! Go ahead, have another cocktail.

5. Don’t Worry About the Weather
Three Words: No Weather Worries. In theory, outdoor weddings are magical, but you can’t always see the stress behind capturing those two-dimensional wedding photos we see online. It’s another huge worry lifted off your shoulders by keeping your event indoors. No weather “Plan B”, paying for a separate space or last minute trips to the store for umbrellas.

6. Go Untraditional
MYTH: all hotels have ugly event space.
TRUTH: Many hotels have modern event spaces, with large windows and lush furniture. The Hennepin Ballroom at Embassy Suites Minneapolis Downtown has to-die-for floor to ceiling windows that overlook the Historic Theatre District of Downtown along with original 1910 wood flooring and white marbling throughout dripping with historic charm.

7. Eliminate Hidden Fees
Hotels usually have a “site fee” and then the cost of food and beverage. THAT’S IT. This makes budgeting very simple and allows you to calculate totals before you even sign the contract. Embassy Suites is already outfitted with tables, chairs, linens, table numbers, staff, etc. At other venues this might be an added cost. Hotels also already have sound systems, screens and projectors, microphones and up-lighting on-site which makes rental on these items low-cost and negotiable.

More Party Time + Less Stress // There are SO many perks to hotel weddings that often get overlooked, but these weddings offer more time to engage with your friends and family and less stress when it comes to getting to places on time, meeting your budget needs and getting everyone ‘home’ safely at the end of the night.


Elyse Urchipia – Director of Catering

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