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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Looking for a great way to send your guests home, after they’ve danced their feet off, stuffed their face full of cake, and watched you get married? No need to wrack your brain any longer, Ames Farm has just the thing: honey favors that are sure to please.

They have seasonal color palettes for their labels, you know, lighter colors for spring and summer, like teal and peach and tan and gray, and darker colors for fall and winter. Picture your guests getting a honey jar wedding favor with a yellow label on it and the phrase “Meant to bee”. How cute would that bee?

Here’s the process. You pick the type of honey, selecting just one floral variety or up to 6 (gee whiz, my favorite number, wonder which one I would go for…). Next you select the design and this is where Ames does it right. For those of you wanting to perhaps stick to your budget, you can select the more cost friendly option of the classic label. You still get to pick your color (green, purple, orange, brown, blue, teal), and you still get a discount for buying in bulk.

The next option up? Customized labels. You can add your wedding date, the name of you and your fiancé, perhaps a cute little saying like ‘Thanks for beein’ here with us’ or ‘Honey, I do!’. Or you can opt for an artist designed label, currently Anne Ulku’s creativity can be purchased, hearts and floral designs and a fun rainbow stripe that reminds me of my favorite gum growing up… you know Fruit Stripe? The one with the zebras and the tattoos…

wedding planning blog by Sixpence Events and Planning featuring Ames Farm

Affordable guest favors that are much less stressful than a DIY project, but just as pretty as what gets put into those Grammy swag bags… what is in there anyways?

What else is on the label?

Well, glad you asked. Ames Farm micro-traces their honey, which means they know what’s growing in the land of Minnesota where the bees are located, when they make the honey. The bottom of the label lists the location the honey is from, which contributes to the flavor of the honey, and the specific stack and level of the hive, which means quality control.

What it boils down to, for all of us non-apiarists (that’s beekeeper in fancy terms), is a product that is 100% pure raw honey, sourced from the lakes, marshes, prairies and forests of Minnesota, from land and farms that don’t spray anything on the plants that the bees use to make your honey. Ames Farm takes care to ensure that the gift your are giving to your guests is a wonderfully sustainable Minnesota Made favor.

Here are 4 ways to give the gift of honey at your wedding:

wedding favor table at Minnesota wedding reception | blog post by Sixpence Events & Planning

  1. At each guests’ place setting
  2. At a takeaway table for when guests are leaving
  3. In a small gift bag with other MN Made treats
  4. In the welcome bags at the hotel

This one seems like a no brainer, so head over to their website and select the Classic, Customized, or  Artist Designed Honey Favors. Perfect for parties of 50 or more, great for couples looking to add a little taste of Minnesota to their wedding! Free shipping anywhere in the US, or delivery to your wedding in Minnesota.

You can also find Ames Farm honey in any Minnesota co-op, in Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Surdyk’s and France 44, and your local farmers market. Click here to shop locally.

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