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Hey friends! This week I wanted you to get to know a florist, one who wows and befuddles me like I’ve never seen a flower before. And perhaps you’ll feel your socks getting knocked right off too! If you are in need of bridal bouquet inspiration, look no further. Say hello to Jasmine with Bel Fiore.

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Bel Fiore a florist

Jasmine, owner of Bel Fiore, has been in business now for over 5 years, but she’s been doing this whole weddings and flowers thing for quite some time, like longer than she’d like to admit.

I know my way around a branch and a bush.

What’s on your must have list?
Greenery! I think it’s very romantic and it’s really elegant. I think with any type of venue that you are at like a country club or a barn, and anything in between, it can really make a hug impact in a venue. All the garlands, or mixes of greenery types to add texture – bay leaf, eucalyptus and fern, all elements that really catch your eye.

What type of bouquets are in right now?
Definitely trending right now are open bouquets, the “roundy-moundy” bouquets are gorgeous and definitely with the right venue they feel modern, but the open and airy bouquets take design to another level. That’s what excites me as a floral designer. Whether you have a huge ballgown or a White Room dress the bouquet needs to stand alone but feel cohesive. I want every bouquet to be gorgeous, to really draw you into the photos that you’ll have taken and to make you feel like you and your wedding are a part of nature.

Cannon Falls blush wedding | Bel Fiore wedding flowers | Carly Milbrath Minneapolis Wedding Photographer
Photo Credit: Carly Milbrath Photography

I like that, because even if you don’t get married outside, chances are you’ll want to take pictures in the great outdoors. As a wedding planner I love that mix of inside and outside, as a florist, what are you really excited about?
There’s always different elements of your job and career that you get really excited about; like 5 years ago it was purples and greens (reference to orchids) and it was all really exciting how much color could be used as a pop of wow! And then the same thing happened with barn weddings and burlap and mason jars and baby’s breath. The new something different right now is greenery and open bouquets and I am really enjoying that piece of it. That’s not to discount the continued use of all those other elements…

Photo by Gina Zeidler | bridesmaids bouquets | Bel Fiore
Photo Credit: Gina Zeidler

I get what you’re saying, not everything can be trending all at the same time. Tell us more about what you are seeing right now as far as floral being incorporated into decor.
You can never go wrong with just flowers in general at your wedding. There will always be different ideas and different designs and a simplistic view of arrangements will always be there. I really appreciate the showstopper elements of a wedding but you also have to have the smaller arrangements. Having a variety of heights in arrangements, bud vases, shorter arrangements and taller ones, it carries the eyes of your guests across and through the room. Which is good. You want your guests to use and see every part of the room you are renting for your reception!

bridal bouquet with ranunculus and eucalyptus | Bel Fiore

The flowers are exciting but the marriage is the real reason for the day. I feel truly blessed to be a part of all my brides and grooms weddings. It isn’t just a hobby for me, floral design is a calling. I love being able to enhance your wedding, and really, your marriage and your love, with green plants and flowers. It’s like the icing on top of the cake, the umbrella in your tiki drink. Florals can really bring it all together and make it feel like a wedding.

table centerpiece | Bel Fiore

Might as well throw the other senses in there too! Having flowers at your wedding makes it look like a wedding (instead of just a fancy party where one person wears white) and it certainly can make it smell like a wedding. But a big flower budget may not be in the cards for everyone, how do you help guide your couples through pricing?
There are a lot of elements that go into a wedding and by that I mean a lot of things that take from your budget. We’ve got to figure out what is your number one, what do you have to have for your wedding? And where do flowers fall on that list? A general tip, it’s easier on a budget when you have a variety of flowers going into the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, or arrangements. Instead of limiting your bouquet to all light purple roses, try diversifying.

I understand and appreciate that everyone has a budget, but certainly as I grow my business I have settled into a look and a style that has come to resonate as ‘Bel Fiore’. If that look is what you want for your wedding, then I couldn’t be more thrilled to help you achieve it.

Draped ceremony backdrop with greenery chandelier | Bel Fiore

If you’d like more information about Bel Fiore at your future event you can find Jasmine on her Website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Pinterest.

Tell me, do you have any other questions? Leave them below! If you know of someone looking for a wedding florist, or centerpieces for their event… tell them about Bel Fiore!

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