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Ben + David | Summer

It’s an age old story, Ben and David met through mutual friends. They like to think that they were just in the right place at the right time, but as they tell me their story it’s pretty evident that Ben was made for David, and David for Ben. The night they met, before they even had a chance to be introduced, they kept catching each other’s eyes.

David recalls, “When he came in I was determined to meet him, I didn’t care who he was with.” Ben remembers, “I felt like he was staring at me so I made my way over to him and started chatting.”  An irresistible connection. Witty banter with plenty of sarcasm and lots of dancing.

Ben says, “As the evening progressed, it was as if no one else was there, the crowd faded and time slowed.” David has a giddy smile and adds dryly, “Whatever he said.” From then on it was just like that, they’ve always been on the same page, agreeing on everything and moving to the next stage at the same time. “We exchanged house keys at the same time, when we talked about moving in together, we both had been thinking the same thing, as well as saying the “L” word at the same time.” David remembers.

So it was completely fitting that when they proposed, they had planned it at the same time. Before heading to their 3 year anniversary trip to Mexico, both Ben and David separately asked their families, what they thought about them marrying the other.  Ben, from a small town, did the traditional thing and asked David’s parents for their blessing. David simply told his parents, “Prepare yourselves, it’s coming.” Still with no knowledge of what the other was about to ask, they left for their trip.

“When we vacation we like to each plan a date night for the other, it’s kind of our thing.”  David explains.  Ben’s was the last night and David’s was the first night. David recalls feeling some nerves and a lot of anxiousness. Somewhere around the second or the third change, David remembers lovingly (but sternly) urging Ben, “You look fine. Let’s go.”

Because David seemed nervous, Ben thought he should bring his engagement ring just in case, so he sneakily stuck it in his pocket and away they went.

Remember, neither Ben nor David knows what the other is planning and they are both planning the same thing.

They then made their way down to the beach.  David finds a spot where they can admire the beautiful view and sunset.  He then stumbles through his proposal.  Ben, well, he starts laughing.  Trying to calm David’s puzzled look, he begins to say, “You’re not going to believe it…”. Ben then pulls out the ring from his pocket and recites a proposal poem, perviously written and memorized for this exact moment, which he had planned for three days later.

Sunset selfies ensue, they call their parents and then head to the restaurant. At which point Ben can’t help but laugh again. It happens to be the same restaurant he had picked for his date night, three days later.

So that’s them. Ben and David, soul mates, best friends, confidants and now being united as one.  

Ben has always looked up to his Godparents and Grandparents.  “Their dedication to each other, the loyalty they share and the love they give one another. It’s the kind of love where you would do anything for that person, regardless of if you want to do it or if it benefits you. That’s what I wanted with David.”  

David looks up to his Parents, whom are high school sweethearts, “…and the spark is still there”. They don’t fight, they have conversations. Their committed, for life. So when it came to marriage, I always believed that If I ever did it, it’s one time, it’s forever.”

When they started telling me about their ceremony, they can hardly contain their happiness. It sounds amazing. From the moment David joined Ben at the front, he began to cry and later stated, ‘somebody had to start it, didn’t they?’, to Ben getting too excited and kissing David before the cue, to which the officiant replied, ‘I didn’t say that you could do that yet’.

“Our officiant really connected with us on a personal level. The words were us, they hit home and they really represented the love that we have for eachother.  We held hands the whole time-” David interrupts Ben, “It’s because I know your language of love is touch, so I reached out and I held you.” Pause. They laugh in unison. “No,” David corrects himself, “I wanted to hold your hands so you couldn’t run!” More laughing.

They went on to say, “45 minutes before the wedding it had been raining, but then the sky cleared up and the sun shined bright. The St. Paul College Club staff hustled to wipe off chairs, and then the magic started.” The wind picked up a little and tree blossoms started to sprinkle the ground as sun rays peeked through the tree line. Take a look for yourself, the wedding of Ben and David. 

VENUE // Saint Paul College Club
PHOTOGRAPHER // Studio Laguna
OFFICIANT // Reverend Pat Williamson
CAKE // Queen of Cakes
DECOR // Festivities
FLORAL // Soderberg’s
STATIONERY // Litin Party Supply
LIQUOR // Thomas Liquor
MUSIC // Rachel Holder Hennig  & Ovation String Quartet
GUESTBOOK // Studio Veil