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Hey friends! This week I am going to stuff my face full of ice cream and tell you how good it tastes. And you will be so jealous that you’ll want to schedule a tasting with Bridgeman’s Ice Cream… immediately. I’ve also got 3 wedding dessert station ideas that are share-worthy, that means you should share them (*click click*).

Wedding vendor for late night snack | Minnesota wedding dessert ideas

Owners Meggan and Crystal have always been in the Bridgeman’s business, cousins and former roommates, they are the type of Minneapolis female entrepreneurs that define the midwest. Incredibly personable, they come across as humble as pie and genuinely interested in providing a good service for brides and grooms and their wedding guests. They know ice cream and that’s what they do best.

Bridgeman's Ice Cream dessert bar set up on harvest tables for a rustic barn wedding | Kelly Birch Photography | Bridgeman's Ice Cream

They are sticklers for execution, they want you to get a dessert bar that works and works well. That means no melty, drippy cones, lacking great toppings; or at the other end of the spectrum ice cream that’s rock solid and un-scoopable. You get a better level of customer service because the owner’s are going to be at your wedding, congratulating you, handing you your ice cream. This is incredibly endearing for guests in the over 35 years old crowd, Bridgeman’s has a strong history in Minnesota and is a cornerstone of happy childhood memories.

And some people might be confused, ‘can I really have ice cream for dessert?’ Yes! You can have ice cream at your wedding. Set up looks like this: an ice cream freezer + a few 8′ tables with have floor length linen. All items that they provide.

Bridgeman's wedding ice cream bar | Minnesota wedding ice cream dessert

You might be thinking that ice cream for dessert isn’t an affordable option. But you are wrong. Starting at $4 per person, all the way up to $10 per person, that’s if you want to go with a custom bride and groom signature sundae along with the regular sundaes that guests can choose from. More options is always a good choice when it comes to frozen milk products.

3 Wedding Dessert Station Ideas

Dessert doesn’t have to be after dinner. You could do shooters passed as an appetizer before your ceremony, what a great idea on a hot summer day! Or you could have a late night sundae snack bar. Here are 3 wedding dessert station ideas:

  1. Original: Build your own sundae bar, think personalized m&ms with your initials on them or your favorite candy + ice cream. Choose 1 flavor of ice cream and 6 toppings! Seriously 6 is my favorite number and that’s probably why I love this idea so much. Full size sundaes for all!
  2. Cozy: Frozen hot chocolate bar: scoop of ice cream + hot chocolate or coffee, top with marshmallows, crushed candy canes, mini chocolate chips, or a biscotti. Great for winter weddings and cold wedding nights. The dessert beverage cups come with a customized sleeve, so that means more monogramed madness.
  3. Fun: Root beer float station, made to order, made to party.

My favorite Bridgeman’s wedding dessert idea? Don’t just serve ice cream with your wedding cake, how about serving sundaes with wedding cake crumbles as a delicious topping? If presentation doesn’t matter, heck! I’ll bake you some wedding cake crumble toppings.

Bridgeman's ice cream scoops for wedding dessert | Bridgeman's Ice Cream

Part of the fun of a dessert station is to be able to see it and interact with it. The guests get to pick the toppings that they want and always end up coming back for seconds. They figure 1 dish per person for dessert and then offer a complimentary 10% extra. Got a lot of guests, no worries they can accommodate any amount of lactose-lovers.

Minnesota wedding ice cream bar | Bridgeman's Ice cream

Things to think about: Bridgeman’s pricing is per person, and they are ALL INCLUSIVE. It includes staffing, serving dishes and silverware, clean up, sorry let me clear my throat and repeat, ahem, clean up. They do the serving which means that the guests will get served more efficiently, there is less waste because they know what the average person can eat as a serving size. Genius. And as I interview them and we try out the ice cream, I see it in action for myself – Crystal and Meggan serve with a smile and take care of all the clean up, wiping down the table and all, as I enjoy my ice cream…

Choose Bridgeman’s Gold or Platinum packages and get a giveaway gift for one of your guests: ice cream for a year!! For free!! 1 48oz tub for a yearrrrrrR!! (I scream, you scream, we all scream for…)

Crystal’s dream sundae: salted caramel espresso sundae with caramel whip cream and a cherry. If you’d like more information about Bridgeman’s salted caramel espresso sundaes at your Midwest event or wedding you can find Meggan and Crystal on their Website, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Next time on Getting Married in Minnesota, Meet Kristina Designz.

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