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Hello friends! This week we are talking with Heather Jurisch from Enticing Icing, I’ve tasted and seen Heather’s creations, so if you trust my judgement, trust that they are tasty. And she’s able to do more than just cakes – adorable tasty little treats of all shapes and sizes and flavors, perfect for any event that involves food, and in Minnesota that’s pretty much any time people gather together. Read on for more of what Heather has to say about her company and why her icing is so enticing.

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Why cakes and why weddings? How did you get into this industry?

I discovered modern cake decorating through the popularization of shows like Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars. I remember being amazed at how edible mediums could be used as a canvas for artwork. Having a basic knowledge of cake decorating from a previous job, I immediately set out to teach myself the rest. I’ve been obsessed with cake design ever since, constantly studying new techniques to improve and diversify my talents.

I adore working with engaged couples to design wedding cakes.  Hearing stories about how they met and what they’re planning for their big day reminds me of the excitement of being engaged. It’s such a fun period of life, and a beautiful cause for celebration. I love being able to play a contributing role in a day that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Minnesota wedding cake deisgner

What sets you apart from other Minneapolis/St. Paul wedding cake bakers, what is your style?

We strive for a modern, elegant look that is simple yet stunning.  We pride ourselves on our flawless finish, sharp edges, and a very clean look (perfectionist here, can you tell?).  Our cakes don’t just exist at events, they command attention!

In terms of taste, our clients rave most about our buttercream frosting.  It has a meringue base which makes it wonderfully light and silky.  It never fails to surprise my clients, and I never tire of hearing, “I didn’t think I liked frosting before I tried yours!”

Flavor combo you have yet to try, but really, really want to?

I recently tried crème brulee for the first time.  I couldn’t believe how delicious it was, and I immediately starting thinking about how I could turn it into a new wedding cake flavor.

I love pretty much all dessert – cake, cookies, chocolate, ice cream – but if I had to choose a favorite, I’d say my favorite = brownies!

Favorite thing to bake?

My favorite non-cake dessert is a recipe called Strawberry Pavlova that has origins in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a baked meringue with a light, fluffy texture under a chewy shell, topped with whipped cream and strawberries.  It’s the perfect summer snack, and it’s always a crowd pleaser!

Minnesota wedding cake deisgner

If we ever have a dinner party together (I’ll plan, you bake), remember to put that on the menu. What’s an item that you wish more brides asked for?

Big cakes! I design a lot of 3 and 4 tier cakes, but I can’t wait to create a towering 6 or 7 tier.  Can you imagine a 3-foot-tall cake under the chandelier at A’bulae? It would be magical.

*Pausing to imagine said cake magic* Agreed, it would be magical. So, Heather, let’s talk about grooms’ cakes. Should couples have one and what’s the meaning behind it?

In contrast to the traditional white wedding cake, the modern groom’s cake is meant to be fun, colorful, and representative of the groom in some way.  They’re often sculpted cakes designed around favorite sports or hobbies.  You don’t need to have a second cake just to serve chocolate at your wedding, but consider this: the whole wedding is focused on the bride, so it can be fun to have something that is uniquely the groom’s!

Minnesota wedding cake deisgner

I’m always poking fun at the fact that bride’s get most of the attention, so I love this added detail. Along the lines of sculpted cakes, what can you do that isn’t showcased on your website?

That’s a great question – so much!!  A few things that come to mind are cakes that aren’t round (we’ve done square, hexagon, and petal tiers, we’ve even carved cakes into fun shapes like a beer mug), gravity-defying cakes (cakes that make you wonder how it doesn’t topple over), and interior designs (where you cut into the cake to expose a hidden pattern… surprise!).

Now that my mouth is watering let’s get down to business; what do you want people to know before contacting you?

Due to the high level of customization and labor hours that are poured into each of our unique designs, our services are best suited for large events (100+).  Contact us early to check our availability, as we limit ourselves to 1-2 orders per week to maintain our high standards of quality.


Minnesota wedding cake deisgnerI love that! It’s always a good sign when a vendor limits their orders, it means they care about my favorite 6 letter word: quality. If you’d like more information about Enticing Icing at your future event you can find Heather and her team at her website, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

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