Exhibit at
The Wedding Fair

Sunday, March 19, 2023
Noon – 4pm
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

If you’ve been in the wedding business for more than a minute, you’ve probably said these words:
“When I can get in front of them, I can book them.”

Of course, convincing a potential customer to actually meet with you is more difficult than ever.

Engaged couples visit their favorite wedding website. With the click of a button, they ask for pricing from you and all of your competitors.

You send them your info, but most of the time, they end up ghosting you.

It happens over and over again. You get lots of inquiries, but most don’t go anywhere.

What if you could skip all this and move right to the face-to-face part? You know, where you have a far better chance of actually making a sale.

When you participate in The Wedding Fair™, you can cut through all of the online clutter and make a personal connection with hundreds of engaged couples in just a few hours.

It’s a cost-effective and time-efficient way to connect with your next customer … and you get to avoid all of the ghosting!

We’re bringing together a lot of engaged couples who are ready to buy, and we’d love to connect them with you!

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No other marketing effort can replace face-to-face interactions with couples who are ready to book their vendors. Get in front of people to showcase your products and services, and prompt potential clients to act quickly with special show offers. This is also a great opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry and discover who can help you grow your business.

The Wedding Fair™ allows you to see more customers all in one place, in one day, than you can see in an entire year! Generate new leads at your booth, schedule appointments on the spot, and spend less than you would on other forms of marketing.

Showcase your products & services. Establish your brand and get feedback from prospects and other industry leaders. Exhibit to get a better understanding and to learn from other vendors.

We invite you to join other savvy businesses and let us do the hard work so you can do what you do best!