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Are you newly engaged? If so, my friend, then congratulations! I am betting that you couldn’t be more excited to delve into the world of wedding planning, and I know this blog series will help you along the way. Best place to start? Besides finding a Minnesota venue and setting a date… hiring a Minneapolis based photographer. That person, who will be by your side, on the best day of your life, ensuring that your memories are captured on film. So, this week, I’d like you to meet Lisa MGirard, a photographer, who is definitely willing to help you on your wedding day.

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

How did you find photography, was it right out of school?

Ever since I was a child, art has been apart of my life. My first camera was from my grandpa, who I loved very much, he had bought it while in the service in Germany. Growing up I thought, in order to be a true artist, you have to not only create art but capture it. But when I entered the work force it wasn’t as a photographer. I spent over a decade working with people with disabilities, with art by my side. I used drawing and painting etc. to help the people I worked with express themselves. 

Bride and groom during golden hour in open grass field, groom without a jacket, bride with veil, redhead bride, ginger bride | Three Rivers Park the Landing | Photo by Lisa MGirard

Photography is a way to study people while creating art. A lot of what I do is studying emotion and trying to bring out the best in people. I try to capture people how they want to remember themselves. And a wedding? It’s this monumental moment in a bride and groom’s life where they start this new fresh beginning together and expressing that in front of all of their friends and families. What a beautiful moment to be apart of. 

Rustic lantern with candles wedding decor | Photo by Lisa MGirard

How do you shoot a wedding, any specific elements that you focus on?

I work with my brides to create images that they love. I try to pay attention to all of the little details of the day, from the decor the bride has carefully selected, to the groom, tearing up as the bride walks down the aisle. It’s the details that tell the story of the day, I look for emotion and try to capture it beaming from the guests, the wedding party, the happy couple to be. Romance is another important element that I capture in my photos, drawing on the beauty that nature provides in the scenery of the day.

lanterns with pillar candles, green garland and mercury votives for ceremony decor | Photo by Lisa MGirard

My ideal clients are people who love photography and understand the value of what they are receiving. They realize that it is custom artwork they are buying from an artist whose style cannot be replicated by anyone else. Seriously, my client’s love photography, almost as much as they love each other. They understand that they have one chance to capture the most important day of their lives and they want to entrust that to a professional with the experience and education to do it successfully.

wedding decor, antique bowl with moss | Photo by Lisa MGirard

What is your favorite place to shoot in Minnesota and your favorite wedding color palette?

I was raised in the country and I love finding unique and rustic places that show nature’s best. I also love analogous color schemes where the colors are close to each other in the color wheel, like blues, purples, and greens or pinks, reds, and purples. They have such a calming effect for me.

Groom in suspenders, bride with a sleeve lace dress and long veil, bride and groom kissing at the altar, with lace draping and purple bouquet | Photo by Lisa MGirard

Lisa, do you have any advice for brides and grooms?

I always suggest scheduling portraits before the ceremony. Once you say your vows and walk back down that aisle, you and your guests are in party mode! They want to drink. They want to party. They want to go in every direction, and do everything except stand still for a portrait. Having family photos after your ceremony will give you grumpy guests, that are harder to find, and lacking genuine smiles. Plus, honestly, when you are done with the ceremony it’s time to de-stress and enjoy your guests. Just remember to leave a half an hour before your ceremony begins to calm your nerves and, well, let’s face it tinkle. You need some down time to pull yourself together before you walk down that aisle and say the most important words in your life, “I do.”

Bride with lace overlay dress and groom with suspenders and bow tie on gravel road with a horse carriage

What is your favorite time of day for a ceremony?

It seems that 3 pm or 4 pm is a good time to do a ceremony in my experience. That typically leaves enough time before to take bridal party and family photos. It also leaves some time in between your ceremony and reception to do any sunset photos with you and your (new) wife/husband and still socialize for cocktail hour before dinner. This allows me to capture amazing candid photos of your guests before they start stuffing their faces with your amazing cuisine.

If you’d like more information about Lisa MGirard at your future event you can find her at Website, or on Facebook.

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