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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Hey friends! I know you are thinking…

What in the world am I going to do this weekend, it’s so cold and all I want to do is jump start my wedding planning process

Enter The Wedding Fair. Sunday March 19th, at the Minneapolis Convention Center (easy to find) from 11A – 4P (easy to find time for). A wonderful bridal show with plenty of vendors to peruse and to meet. This event has been in production for over 30 years! That means that 2nd and even 3rd generation couples are coming through the doors looking to gather the vendors they need for the wedding of their dreams.

The Wedding Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center 2017

But picture this: a mini-stampede of overly dressed, newly engaged women (because it’s cold outside), who are holding back sweat (because it’s not cold inside), tears of panic, and intense excitement, and holding back in general. Instead of interacting with each vendor, prying their best selling strategies from their desperate lips, most bridal show attendees hold back.


Well, because you all are nervous! You just got engaged over the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years holiday and because this whole thing is overwhelming. And because your mom’s have told you not to talk to strangers; now where did I leave my id bracelet and safety whistle…

Photo by Studio 220 | The Wedding Fair | Minneapolis Convention Center | Bridal dress fashion show

Really this is an amazing opportunity for you Minnesota brides and grooms! Even if you are hiring a wedding planner (ahem) it is still a beautiful, chaotic, few hours of your day that can be spent hoping, and wishing, and dreaming about what your wedding could be. And because I want you to be successful, to end up happily married, here are 8 Wedding Fair Dos and Don’ts.

Checking out wedding flowers at The Wedding Fair, Minneapolis Convention Center | Studio 220 Photography

  1. DO Talk to vendors. Ask them why they are so great, what deals they may be running, and if you can meet with them later for more details.
  2. DO Check that they have your wedding date available, before your hopes soar out of the roof.
  3. DO Stay well hydrated and DON’T come hungry, at least if you’re anything like me when you are undernourished <<hangry>>
  4. DO Check out the fashion show. Even if you already have your dress it’s fun to watch and see the styles. If you don’t have your dress, you need to watch this show. You’ll be able to see designer dresses from Minnesota dress shoppes. That means you take notes, snap a photo, and then go to the shoppe to try on the dress. Voila!
  5. DO go with friends and family, it’s supposed to be fun and the more people you take with you the braver you will feel and the more information you will glean.
  6. DON’T Mill around in the aisle, wandering aimlessly, potentially getting trampled with fear and doubt. These people (vendors) want to talk to you, and they want to make you feel comfortable. Ask questions like, ‘How do you make my day better’, ‘Do you install or set up, what about take down’, ‘How many hours are included in your package?’ Engage my friend.
  7. DON’T go there without a plan. Know which things you are most interested in gaining from this experience. Maybe you are looking for a wedding planner and want to see if you like the person you’ve seen online. Or maybe you just want to see which dresses are on trend for the next year. Think about it before you go, it will give you more confidence.
  8. DON’T go there expecting free stuff. This is about your wedding, the most important day of your entire life (aside from child birth, I presume). This is not Costco. You are not going in order to determine if you’ll like the new organic, gluten-free, vegan chicken nuggets. enough said.

Photo by Studio 220 | The Wedding Fair | Minneapolis Convention Center | Bridal dress fashion show

Click here to get your tickets and check out The Wedding Fair on Facebook!

Tell me, do you have any other questions? All images are from Studio 220 Photography, a Minneapolis wedding photographer. If you know of someone getting married and looking for Minnesota wedding vendors … tell them about The Wedding Fair![clickToTweet tweet=” I’m going to The Wedding Fair on Sunday at the Minneapolis Convention Center!” quote=”Introduce your friends to VENDOR” theme=”style6″]

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