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Glenhaven Hall & Garden

I want to introduce you to Glenhaven Hall & Garden. One of three Fab! Weddings event venues. Glenhaven is a rustic log building, with all inclusive amenities, and an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception space which can accommodate up to 300 guests.

George, the Chief Joy Officer, explained it all to me, and I can’t help but feel like more brides and grooms should opt for a Fab! wedding. You can easily get away with not hiring a wedding planner if your wedding is at Glenhaven, because George is so amazing.

“I’ll prompt the couple about what comes next, keeping them on track with their timeline during the planning process and on the day of their wedding.

We set up and take down decor, so that means you can maximize your time and enjoyment.

We also have a fire truck party bus for shuttling guests, there’s an onsite beauty salon for those needing hair and makeup, and an onsite gaming room for the boys.”

I’ll give you some time to reread all that.

All inclusive.


On top of all that, there is a built in sound and lighting system, when it comes time to dancing the night away, your wedding is going to feel like a night-club. And that will make a difference, when you want your wedding to keep going and for guests to stay all night, it will and they will because the ambience is set up for success. Nobody likes dancing on a brightly lit dance floor… well basketball cheerleaders do, but that’s likely not the bulk of your wedding guests.

The outdoor ceremony area has a brick pathway – so you don’t need to worry about heels sinking into the grass as your wedding party watches you get married. There’s also a sound system built in outside, so you don’t need to worry about a DJ.

“We can provided staff for the sound system, inside and out, and we know how to use it well. The transition from pre-ceremony to processional, from ceremony rituals to recessional, from recessional to cocktail hour and beyond, will be seamless.”


George is able to implement his expertise when it comes to your wedding and your planning. Like inclement weather. George suggests providing a water station, if it’s a hot day, and he’ll advise you to allow guests to come inside before the ceremony starts, so the start of your wedding is filled with happy and comfortable wedding guests.

All of their packages include wedding planning with George. He creates a wedding timeline for you from the time that hair and makeup starts until the end of the night. Let me just emphasize that this is above and beyond what most wedding venue coordinators do. 

“We literally can do everything minus making your wedding dress. Included in our wedding packages are linens and some decor, we work with a local floral shop and have photographers on staff.”

Like I said, all inclusive! No food and beverage minimum, and you can take home leftovers, which is always good news. Most caterers won’t let you take home left over food, much to the dismay of moms everywhere.


The best part about having all of these things included is that there is just one contract. One document that you sign that includes all of what you need and a payment plan. That means if you add or if you take away any items, like decor, or flowers, or a photographer, your final bill might fluctuate but you don’t need to pay additional people or sign additional contracts. Easy.

Practically anything you can think of is included. You can leave cars onsite overnight, ensuring guests make smart decisions about imbibing at your reception. You’ll have access to the venue before your wedding day if there isn’t another event, and if there is, you can still store all your decor on site. These are all things that other venues will add a la carte, at Fab! Weddings, it’s included.

George tells me that couples are so happy with the way their wedding packages are designed. They are able to focus on one another during the planning process and they have time to enjoy their wedding day on the day of.

That’s because on top of all the amenities and all of the things that are included, Glenhaven comes with an event manager. They are there the entire day to keep the timeline flowing and to take care of anything that comes up last minute.

View a wedding at Glenhaven from Summit Hill Studios: https://vimeo.com/215043010

Check out Glenhaven Hall & Garden on their website, their wedding blog, or their photographer. Glenhaven hosts an open house the last Wednesday of every month, so go and meet George, see the space and start planning your Fab! wedding.