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Hey friends! This week we are taking a field trip. No, not literally, you don’t need to worry about packing a lunch or getting a permission slip signed. But what owner Paula has to say about Hope Glen Farm will make you feel like you’ve just got to close your eyes (but don’t because this is a blog, not a podcast) and you’ll be able to imagine your standing in Cottage Grove, amongst rolling green hills and baaing goats. Where your night ends literally like a fairy tale – falling asleep under the stars, in a tree house. *DOES A DOUBLE TAKE* Yes, you read correctly, a real life tree house.

Lucky for us, mostly you because I’ve been there, Kelly Birch Photography (a Minneapolis/St. Paul Wedding Photographer) has lent us some photos. So keep your eyes opened, settle in and let me introduce you to Hope Glen Farm owned by Paula and Michael Bushilla.

Hope Glen Farm a rustic wedding venue in Cottage Grove, MN

This property can hold 300 guests, with ample space to mosey and wander, with a 500 acre park abutting 3 sides of the land. Photographers tell Paula this place is a dream venue. They have pastures and woods, red barns, white barns, stone fences, white picket fences, friendly goats and free range chickens, a cottage, bridal ready room (and groom’s ready room), and yes, a tree house. Basically any image that pops up using the words “rustic elegance wedding” on Pinterest, that’s it.

I checked. I was right. Search rustic elegance wedding and see for yourself. You can have it all at Hope Glen Farm… too cheesy?

Hope Glen Farm | red barn wedding photo | Planner Sixpence Events & Planning | Photo by Kelly Birch Photography

A great canvas for which you can paint on all of your wedding dreams. Paula says couples usually pick their venue because there isn’t a whole lot they have to do or buy or rent or bring in, in order to make their dream day swoon worthy. There is a “simple elegance built in”. With perfectly placed chandeliers in the outdoor pavilion, not to mention said pavilion is covered which eliminates the need to rent a tent in order to enjoy the great outdoors at dinner time.

Hope Glen Farm | fall leaves | Photo by Kelly Birch Photography | bride and groom photo at the entrance of the Minneapolis farm wedding venue

And when you want to dress up the place, it’s really, really easy to get inspired. Candles, real, flame flickering, uncovered and exposed candles, are allowed at this venue. A rarity in the wedding venue scene. Adding elements of the outdoors are some of Paula’s favorite decor touches, like tree branches and antlers. Since it’s a historic property, Paula suggests bringing in antique rentals if you want to add to the space. (Plug: Check out A Vintage Touch) But the point is, you don’t need all of that. Paula and husband/co-owner Michael have paid attention. They’ve quietly noticed and listened. filling in the blank to: “a couple’s wedding would go smoother if…”, and then purchasing or building everything you need for your wedding day.

Hope Glen Farm | Minneapolis outdoor ceremony with a built in arch and lots of trees | Photo by Kelly Birch Photography

Take for instance the ceremony pasture location, with pews and a built in arbor (a tree branch that was serendipitously hit with lightning), wine barrels and a covered area with a bar for cocktail hour, on-site harvest tables and chiavari chairs. I don’t know if you read that last part. This barn wedding venue comes with chiavari chairs. Talk about the epitome of rustic elegance. There’s a robustly renovated (read: insulated, air conditioned, and heated) 1860’s barn for your wedding dancing needs; a bon fire area with rustic log seating for, what else, smores. And it’s all placed and spaced on the property so you don’t feel crammed but you also don’t feel like you need to drive from one area to the next. Though you can, this property is also golf cart friendly.

Hope Glen Farm | Photo by Kelly Birch Photography | Cafe lights and a stone fireplace, harvest tables and chandeliers | Covered pavilion for outdoor Minneapolis barn wedding

beautiful streaming cafe lights and chandeliers all on a dimmer switch – oh yeah – dim those lights baby

Paula and Michael are always amazed at just how beautiful the photos turn out, especially when there’s a horse and carriage involved… wedding magic. Something tells me, however, that while the architecture and infrastructure at Hope Glen yield wedding perfection, the design details that Paula has placed about the property really take it to the next level. So, let’s talk more about the indoor spaces. Included in your wedding package are either the Corn Crib Cottage or the Treehouse – these are luxury suites, with 5 star amenities. The cottage is a great place to spend your wedding night, but the newest addition to the property, the treehouse, is a must. It’s got a tower, 4 outdoor balconies, two fireplaces, a jacuzzi tub, a petrified wood sink on a tree trunk pedestal, and a secret. p.s. I already know the secret, I know all the secrets. You can know too, schedule a tour, right now, click here, right now.

Hope Glen Farm, barn wedding venue in Minneapolis | Honeymoon suite on-site, with indoor swing, jacuzzi tub and right next to the barn wedding venue | photo by Kelly Birch Photography | Bridal crown | groom in a vest

If you’d like more information about your future event being at Hope Glen Farm you can find Michael and Paula on their Website, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter, on Youtube, and on Pinterest. Interested in renting out the Corn Crib Cottage or Tree House, just for kicks, or an anniversary etc.? Well, you can! Reserved for wedding party members on the night of a wedding, but if there isn’t a wedding (like during the week or winter) it’s available for booking for anyone looking for a romantic night in (or girls night in, boys night in, etc. etc.).

Next week on Getting Married in Minnesota, Meet K. Solberg Photography.

As always clicking on the image takes you to the photographer’s website, if you have any other questions leave them below! If you know of someone looking for a barn wedding venue in the Minneapolis and St.Paul area… tell them about Hope Glen Farm![clickToTweet tweet=” I just read about a great wedding venue on Head Over Heels… you’ll want to check them out!” quote=”Introduce your friends to Hope Glen Farm” theme=”style6″]

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