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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Nothing beats talking to a person, a real life, real time conversation. Research states “email is only 7 percent as effective as talking.” 7%!? I may not know you personally, but I know that you care more than seven percent about your wedding. You want it to be perfect, to be executed seamlessly and to have nothing forgotten or left behind. For that, you are going to need good communication.

Which is why all my confirmations with your vendors are done verbally and here is what I like to confirm:

  1. Time of arrival and location
  2. All items on the order and final headcount
  3. Setup and take down or delivery
  4. Payment has been made in full
  5. Parking and an emergency contact for the vendor and for the wedding (like your Day of Coordinator or your personal attendant)

Josey Stafford Wedding Planner

Here’s an example, I’m calling the florist, Puss & Buds, for your wedding. I’ll start by confirming…

  1. on June 3rd Puss & Buds will arrive at VENUE at 10:30 AM
  2. They will be dropping off
    1 Bridal Bouquet
    2 Bridesmaids Bouquets
    3 Corsages
    8 Boutonnieres
    20 Table Centerpieces
    Cake Flowers
    Loose Blooms (Cake table + gift table)
  3. They will set up all table decor and table centerpiece vases can be kept.
    HINT 1: Assign someone to pin boutonnieres and deliver bouquets and corsages to your bridal party. HINT 2: Allow guests to take flowers home at the end of the night or deliver them to a nursing home or hospice.
  4. You owe $15 for the additional corsages you added last week. Pay them before your wedding day, actually before the day before (week before is best).
  5. Parking is out front. The emergency contact for Puss and Buds is Ellie 555-555-5555 and for your day of coordinator (me) is 666-666-6666.

It’ll take 15 minutes tops, so yes, you do have time. As long as you review the information you have received so far, like contracts and invoices, and as long as you are prepared, each call should be slick and practically stress-free.

Staying organized will make your whole planning process smoother than butter, but you still might need someone to help you out and I’m here for you friend… all you got to do is ask for help.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,
Sixpence Events & Planning


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