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Celebrity China and Cookware

13611 West 109th Street Lenexa, KS 66215

Celebrity China and Cookware

If you know the Celebrity difference… you will know why over two million people just like you have begun their new life together enjoying Celebrity’s lifetime benefits.

Precious possessions to enhance the warmth and beauty of your dining experience…
· Fine China
· Elegant Crystal
· Tableware
· Fully Forge Cutlery
· Waterless Cookware

12 thoughts on “Celebrity China and Cookware

  • Anonymous

    03, November,2021 6 months ago


    My fiancé and I “won champagne flutes” and had to go collect them after talking. However, whenever we joined, there was a sales pitch to cookware with other stuff in bundles.
    Do not fall for this!

  • Sarah

    17, February,2018 4 years ago


    DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! The presentation is really cool and the people seem really nice, but they’re not there for you. They’re trained to get you to like them and fall for their antics. They don’t believe in these pots and pans at all because THEY’RE TERRIBLE. I’ve tried my best to get them to work so I don’t feel like I’m getting scammed, but it’s just been going downhill. We signed the yellow page of the contract and looked it over like we would any other contract. Then, when I finally went home and read the reviews, I learned about the INSANE INTEREST RATE if you do financing through them. This insane interest rate was on the 3rd page of the WHITE copy at the VERY BACK OF THE CONTRACT! I will never. ever. fall for one of these again. Thanks for suckering in young couples who are happily engaged, hopeful, out of college, and now in more debt. You’re the worst kind of people.

  • Patience

    12, October,2017 5 years ago


    We were told we had one champagne flutes. Then found out we had to sit through a sales pitch. Then told if we bought a package we would receive a cruise package in which we had to pay for travel to the port and port fees and taxes. So we bought a package from them. Go to look at cruises and the prices they quoted me were MORE than what carnival them self had quoted me. And carnival was quoted me a longer cruise. DONT DO IT!!!!

  • Ciara

    06, June,2016 6 years ago

    Great product!

    We purchased the VitaCraft pans from Celebrity China and Crystal and love them. The sales team are very professional. I would recommend this company to everyone! Thank you!

  • Screen Name

    15, April,2013 9 years ago

    Sounds like a scam

    I attended a bridal fair two months ago in South Dakota. I “won” $480 worth of china and was told I would be contacted that night to find out how to claim my prize. No one called that night or the day after so I called and they said they would get back to me within the week to let me know when the next showcase would be in my area so I could claim my prize. I called about 2-3 times since then and have been told the same thing. It has been 2 months now and I’m beginning to think this is a scam. I see above that they blamed it on the radio station… well this was an actual bridal fair and the same thing is happening. My fiance’s aunt was hosting pampered chef at the same fair and the winners of that had already picked out and received their prize within a couple weeks after the fair. I have seen other reviews say that before you get your prize from celebrity china, you must first buy a pot/pan set for an expensive price before you can receive the prize you actually “won”.

  • janwed14

    08, March,2013 9 years ago

    Review Title

    Left a comment on here about a month ago and looks like it was deleted. Not sure if it was because the perfect wedding guide did not like my review. Let me try this again. I was very dissapointed with the pressured sales of celebrity china after I went to one of their presentations that I was contacted to go to after the wedding guide show. The lady was very pushy and the guy there told me that the hotel would be at any hotel in a city of my choice. What he failed to tell me was it was a city list they chose and none of them are anywhere I would go. Its just really deceiving and also im very dissapointed that my comment was deleted. I am giving my honest review on this company. Everyone else I dealt with at the show was great, but this company did not have bride/grooms best interest. They told me I could register for my wedding then when i got to the business office they said i have to purchase items before I can register. That makes no sense? I am a bride and cannot afford to buy china for myself???

  • Bride 2 be

    14, February,2013 9 years ago


    Do not accept the offer, high pressure sales tactics that can turn you off in less than a second. The presentation was uncomfortable and too long. I was told it would be a hotel stay in a city of my choice but the options were extremely limited and not a city of our choice. A little dissapointed that the perfect wedding guide would host this.

  • February Bride

    21, January,2012 10 years ago

    Bridal Show winner

    Never contacted me to get my prize even though I contacted them and gave my info. (Accidentally left last review with 5 star ratings)

  • February Bride

    21, January,2012 10 years ago


    I “won” a place setting of 12 pieces (service for 4) China Celebrity Patt4ern of Winner’s Choice $480 at a bridal show last March (3/20/11 at Sheraton Ann Arbor). I contacted them and they said that I would be notified when there was a show in my area and I could come pick out my china. (sound of crickets) Never heard back. Called and left messages (more crickets). Never heard back. Sounds like a scam – they get all the advertising at the bridal show but never make good on their prizes.

  • Celebrity

    21, October,2011 11 years ago

    Celebrity Response to Awkward post

    This incident has been addressed. It had been brought to our attention that the rock radio station we were using as hold music had become a bit outrageous. We have changed to a new station. Celebrity sincerely apologizes for this incident. We welcome the opportunity to apologize to you in person. Please call Celebrity Customer Relations at 800.729.6346.

  • afeenstra

    19, October,2011 11 years ago

    Awkward, perverted employees...

    Just FYI, I’m going to one of their presentations Saturday. I don’t think they’re a scam because my sister did this kind of deal (she loves the cookware, but I don’t think I’m going to buy… too expensive). _x000D_
    However, while I was on the phone today with Celebrity China, a guy named Tom answered. He asked to put me on hold, but he didn’t (I hope this was an accident!) Instead of hold music, I heard him and another lady talking about, “Wow, you look great!” and “Thanks, but you haven’t seen me naked!” It was kind of gross, especially when they followed up about how she should see him naked. I asked him about it when he came back on the line and he played it off like there was a problem with their hold music… “Oh! You heard what? Well, we’ve uh… been experiencing some troubles with our hold music… I’ll uh, look into that. Sorry if you were offended… uh…” He ended up closing the conversation early, without even telling me where it is I was going on Saturday! I had to call him back. Can you say awkward? _x000D_
    I’m grossed out, through and through. I’m going Saturday to get my free flutes, then I’m hoping to never hear from them again. _x000D_
    I can’t rate them on quality, responsiveness, cost/value or flexibility because I haven’t gone yet, but I can say their professionalism is at an all time low, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    09, March,2010 12 years ago

    For 51 Years of Business Very Disappointing

    This company Celebrity China sets up a booth at local Bridal Shows. Asks you to enter your information into a drawing for a free set of Champagne flutes and a 3 Day, 2 Night $240 Hotel Gift Certificate, but once they have your information you’ve actually won nothing from them but an invitation to a hard-pitch sales showcase and hoops you must jump through in order to meet the requirements necessary to receive the items that you were originally told were door prizes.

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