Kindra’s Sacred Kitchen

I’m not a caterer, I’m not a chef

I am a personal menu stylist
I custom create menus based on your dietary needs, restrictions, concerns, and health.
I am your personal menu guru, everything I cook is like a holistic remedy from me to you.

As a Cancer Warrior, I know the struggles of trying to be fit, health conscious and healthy; unfortunately, we live in a world where FRESH isn’t always available. You shouldn’t have to read labels with words that are difficult to pronounce, count calories, or check your cholesterol after every meal.

I am all about knowing the benefits behind food, herbs, spices, and essential oils.

I am a Certified Aromatherapist, Master Herbalist, Reiki Master and Shaman; so believe me when I say, “food is Magick” because without my magick, knowledge and culinary education, I wouldn’t have survived Chemotherapy!


Believe me, trust me, eat with me 🥰

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