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From an early age, whenever I could get a hold of a video camera, I was making films. The more I created them, the more I wanted to make everything timeless. I prefer classic to contemporary, guitars over synthesizers, cooking fresh ingredients, and conversations face-to-face. I’m passionate about ageless things, and I want the films I create to reflect that.

Since 2012, I’ve done professional videography and independent filmmaking in Minneapolis, MN. In 2018, my passion shifted from indie films, to nuptial films. As a filmmaker at heart, I see the couple as the heroes of the story, the wedding party as the supporting cast, and the friends & family as eager fans who can’t wait for the release date! Creating a timeless film can help any couple’s love stay strong.

My wife and I got married in 2009. Wedding films have grown up since then, and thankfully, have become a beautiful, and highly sought after service. We have two adorable kids. My daughter is a creative, introverted sketchbook fanatic, and my son is a sucker for snuggles and football. My wife teaches full time, and is currently getting her masters to become an ELL teacher.

Enough about us, though. What’s your story? Coffee’s on me!


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