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Hello friends! This week we are talking with Kirsten Solberg, owner and lead photographer of K Solberg Photography. If I was a photographer, she’s the type of Minneapolis wedding photographer I’d want to be like. She gets to shoot weddings on weekends, heads up to the cabin with family on her off days, and is a devoted stay at home (er, work from home) mom. Plus they just got a puppy. At the height of wedding season, Kirsten bought a puppy, which her son Owen just loves.

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

So, I ask her about her style.“How would I describe my style” she repeats back to me. “Playful and classic but a little dramatic. I don’t really get into whatever the flavor of the day is for wedding photography, because those things come and go (like – insert 80’s fashion item here-) and later on you roll your eyes at it. I am a hybrid of photojournalism and environmental portraiture.”


Clearly not a photographer over here, I have no idea what in the world ‘environmental portraiture’ means. Kirsten explains, “I bring in a lot of the context of their environment”. Okay so basically the opposite of those posed photos that you’d get at JcPenny’s, you know, where you and you’re siblings are all in matching red corduroy overalls with peter pan collared shirts. so cute.

Lovely sunset wedding photo of bride and groom in the winter by K Solberg Photography

“I do pose people,” Kirsten continues, “but in a natural way- so they aren’t just staring at the camera being awkward.” My favorite thing that she does to capture couples in their element? Being a third wheel on a date the couple plans, which is actually their engagement shoot in disguise. Fun!

“Ideally my clients are really excited to get married, actually you’d be surprised that this is not a catchall category. Client’s reach out to me because they are moved by my type of work. My clients also tend to be a bit shy. I love giving people the confidence to be in front of the camera. I’ve got a background in corporate photography, which means I am used to taking someone really stiff and not actually wanting to be photographed, and ensuring that they walk away excited for the next time they update their headshots.”

K Solberg Minneapolis wedding photographer | bride and groom kiss photo standing on a bench, groom in a kilt

Kirsten is personable and professional. And did I mention she has a puppy?!?!

“I’ve been doing photo retouching and editing longer than I have been taking photos – so half the magic happens when I edit. Albums and books – I spend a lot of time designing these, for my own clients and for other photographers.”

Okay (**Raises hand**), what’s the difference between a wedding photo album and a wedding photo book?

Albums have thick rigid pages, printed on actual photo paper (luster metallic paper); super durable, kind of heavy and they last forever. The books still lay flat when you open up the pages, but they are single, press pages like a magazine…which means they are more cost effective. Even though they are a little more of an investment, albums are more popular. A couple might get a book of their engagement session and use it as a guest book.”

K Solberg Minneapolis photographer | sunset or golden hour, well groomed groom with a blue tie, bride with her hand on the grooms chest, metallic pink nail polish

Oooh I like that idea a lot. Tell me about what life looks like for you, besides the hours and hours of editing that fill your week.

“A lot of my shooting occurs between May and June, I take some of July off (hello, family) and then the end of July through October picks back up. I cap at 25 weddings a year, because I stay at home with my son and want to manage that (girl poweeer!) And I’m pretty picky about those 25. I want to be a good match for my clients, so it’s not about what package they pick, it’s about me being a good fit for you and you being a good fit for me.”

Okay, so she really cares! Also of note, she’s really good at bustling wedding dresses. So, if you need an extra hand – she’ll be your butt best friend. And her favorite venues? Backyards! Though when I asked her to list a few more, she got real specific…

K Solberg Photography | grassy meadow first look, bride with a floral crown by the lake

“I love the smaller size backyard weddings. Where it’s 80 people or less, really simple and relaxed. I’m kind of a sucker for a classic church wedding. There are tons of cool, old Twin Cities churches. Nicollet Island Pavilion. I like reception halls that are challenging to light – they’re more interesting. Town & Country Club has a west facing window where the sunset comes in and you get a golf cart to ride around to take photos with the bridal party. Lastly, I’d like to do a conservatory wedding (hint hint).”

Next I ask Kirsten to give us some advice, “what’s a good number for your bridal party, what should all brides and grooms have?”

“Perfect number is 3 on each side. I understand it’s really small but I think it’s more intimate and I really like capturing images that are more private and personal.

K Solberg St Paul photographer | bride and groom dip photo in the street

ADVICE: I always tell people that their wedding day will only go as well as you’ve planned for (I agree). I always tell people to have a person whose job it is to make sure everyone is where they need to be, doing what they need to be doing. They should absolutely not have to answer those innumerable questions that come up on their big day. You should each have one person who’s in charge of just you, your person. The result is that the happy couple is much more relaxed, the day is on schedule, and everyone has more fun, at least I have more fun if you are taken care of.

Because I can get SUPER direct with wedding guests on the wedding day, I take the reins if they are dropped. I’ve corralled wedding parties and asked people to step up and pipe down. I’ve done some serious crowd control and damage control. I’m very organized up front, so I don’t have that problem usually. I give my couples reminders during the planning process and provide a timeline and prep worksheets, because, it’s your wedding day, and you want to have a good time.”

Bridal Veil, Church stained glass in the background | K Solberg Photography

If you’d like more information about K Solberg Photography and your future event you can find Kirsten on her Website, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter and be sure to check out her Blog, you can also request her if you are already booked with Bellagala. She suggests booking 12-18 months out, in other words, click those links now!

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