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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Everybody meet Laura Landin. Laura is the lead photographer of Life & Art Photography and happens to have just gotten married last fall. Talk about relatable! Her husband owns the business with her, which is totally swoon-worthy. Starting the business solo, and then bringing on her husband (then boyfriend) as a second shooter and for behind the scenes, has really shaped the experience that they are able to cultivate for wedding couples. But I’ll let her tell you more about that…

Minneapolis photographer interview by Josey Stafford owner of Sixpence Events & Planning

Tell me about Life and Art Photography, in a nutshell.

Wedding and engagements, couples and love. Our approach is to try to capture the real and raw moments, minimal posey pictures (because that’s really only what grandmas want, so they can be printed and placed in their houses somewhere). Starting with the engagement shoot, we like to travel to locations that you and your fiancé would actually go and photograph you doing things that you would actually do.

Like you said, minimal posey pictures.

Yes! We really want you to enjoy the romance of the day. Because wedding days are so hectic, a lot of things are going on all over the place. And when we planned our wedding we realized what a pain it is to try to fit a photographers schedule (7, 8 or 9 hours) into the day of the wedding. So we changed our pricing model – you book us for the day, so now the timeline is open and free and you needn’t worry about us and cramming things in. Don’t get me wrong, I am a stickler of having a timeline for the day, but that’s because I don’t want any of my couples to sacrifice peace of mind. The timeline helps me to get the pictures you want while enjoying the day that you planned.

vineyard golden hour photos with the bride and groom | Life and Art Photography

I love timelines. I use them like obsessively, but how do you create a timeline for your clients? 

We’ll build the timeline as they are planning their wedding day. We start at the ceremony and work backwards, allowing wiggle room in case anyone is running behind etc. Couples photos, family photos, the bridal party, first look and alone time; all things that we want to capture and put into the timeline. Without having to worry about how long you have us on site for you can really just flow through the day.

We’re actually selling photography and peace of mind. You’re timeline helps other vendors know what is going on and what needs to happen next, and that is so important. What I’ve learned is that a lot of times you don’t actually know how much times it takes to do things. Take for example, family photos, which can be 30 minutes to 45 minutes, and the bride and groom might not know how much time to plan for all these things, so that’s where I come in.

bride and groom, sunset, bride in v-neck lace dress, large rose boutonniere | Life and Art Photography

How does a client book with you?

Before I book my clients I have a meeting, in person or over the phone. I want to get to know them and make sure we are a good fit, I want us to inspire each other. If everyone wants to move forward then the process is really easy, and we start to plan. I do all of the paperwork online and the timeline will really evolve as the couple makes their plans and gets closer to the wedding. 6 months before the big day I send them a questionnaire and then another consult is planned in order to talk through the final timeline.

I want us to inspire each other

saying i dos under a wood arbor with sunflowers at a vineyard | Life and Art Photography

Okay, favorite part of the wedding?

First dance is definitely my favorite, I love it and I love the way the newlyweds express themselves, some are laughing and silly, some are quiet and crying. It is a high, but sometimes it is a challenge. Like attempting to uplift the light when the lights are turned down.

The ceremony is a big deal, as far as anything goes, during cocktail hour we might take some more family photos but we really encourage our couples to spend time celebrating. They just got married and that’s a big deal, that’s a really big deal. So, cocktail hour can be spent amongst the party or themselves or their guests, and they should do it, celebrate.

Laura getting first look photos | Life and Art Photography

I love the first dance (and the first look, and getting ready, and wedding vows…) but I also like what Laura mentioned about taking time after the ceremony to just be together alone or not, as a newly married couple.

Here are 6 Ideas of What to Do after I Do:

  1. Go get ice cream at a shoppe down the street, just the two of you
  2. If you didn’t take photos with your bridal party before the wedding, go ahead and do it now!
  3. Exchange gifts to one another in a quiet room
  4. Attend your cocktail hour! Guests came and are anxious to see you
  5. Have a couple photo session, like if you met or proposed at a location near your wedding, go to it!
  6. Change your hair style and your dress, don’t forget to invite your bridal party to laugh and giggle with you and sip on champagne!

If you’d like more information about Life & Art Photography at your future event you can find Laura on her Website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Tell me, do you have any other questions? Leave them below! If you know of someone looking for a wedding photographer for their wedding and engagement photos… tell them about Life & Art Photography!

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