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Hey friends! This week I am so excited to introduce you to my sweet and dear pal, who is also a planner. Because in this business, and in Minnesota (aren’t we lucky) wedding vendors are all about collaboration over competition. Planners are their own beast, we have to know our business well and we have to know everyone else’s, and Megan is an expert. As owner of Megan Mary Events, she has plenty of experience wrangling vendors and is really good at executing an excellent event.

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Megan Latterner a Minneapolis/St. Paul wedding planner

Megan! Tell us about the start of your business…

A hobby gone right, I dabbled in it for a while and then it just took on a life of it’s own. Just like you I am the lead planner of my company… and that’s on purpose. I started out with weddings in college, I was a banquet server and I liked the atmosphere, I liked how it’s “wait… wait… wait… go!”. I had gone to a TCWEP [networking group] and was referred to Lora with At Your Service Weddings, she really took me under her wing and I was able to see the ropes from a business owner’s perspective. More experience led me to really want to start my own business, with my own schedule, and my own brand. I wanted to work with clients that fit my personality and practicality.

Bridal party photo, laughing and overflowing bouquets in pink peach red and lots of greens | taupe bridesmaid dresses

Who are those clients?

Mine are ones that shop at Target and Macy’s and they know when to make a good splurge. They know their priorities and end up spending money where it is appropriate and where it best fits their personality and taste. My clients are a little crafty but really trust their vendors to shine at what they’ve hired them for. They want a wedding that defines who they are as a couple. For them, their wedding is an opportunity for their guests to take a peek into who they are in their daily life, but also show friends and family who they really want to be. My clients love Style Me Pretty, and they follow a lot of Twin Cities bakeries on social media– if that tells you anything about me!

Just married photo | wedding planner Megan Mary Events in Minneapolis

Of course it does, you’re pregnant with twins! How have you set up your business to prepare for motherhood?

After the twins come I will be setting my own schedule even more, I plan to go full time as a planner, and it’ll be nice to be able to meet clients on the weekends etc. I pride myself in my follow through and follow up. I am told often that I do more than what clients are expecting of me, so that’s good!

Under-promise and over-deliver

I feel like I really shine on the day of, that’s where my strengths really lie. Now that I am a well seasoned Twin Cities wedding planner I know what to expect, and I know the things that no one expects to have happen. I don’t have a favorite venue, but I do always love the spaces that really allow my clients and their personalities to shine… that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?!? It’s exciting when the day comes together and the spaces, attire and decor are all cohesive – It makes for a wonderful experience for everyone…. the couple, the wedding party, the guests and the vendors.

Sparkler send off Megan Mary Events | wedding planner in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area | groom in a check shirt and vest with brown belt

Ah yes, expect the unexpected. Interesting enough day of coordinating seems to be an umbrella for fix-things-that-need-to-be-fixed and last-minute-emergency-doer. Tell us more about what brides can expect when working with you, like your business in less than four words?

Wedding planning made easy. I use a lot of technology, which is a lot to handle since technology is changing rapidly. I am comfortable texting my clients, if that’s their go-to form of communication. I always have a second set of hands on the day of weddings, always. It’s a priority for me to listen to my clients and let them emerge as the designer of their event, before I give them any of my input. It’s not my wedding, it’s theirs, so things like ‘staying on trend’ or ‘being edgy’ aren’t really important. Focusing on their personality and letting that really come through, that’s what makes their wedding successful.

I love modern vintage weddings = fairly traditional with touches of modern day trends. I love mismatched decor, splashes of gold and incorporating pieces of glam to really help dress up the occasion. Saying this, that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good shabby chic barn wedding or an elegant, black tie affair!!!

Choose a Seat Not a Side | We're all family once the knot is tied!

Over the past six months I have worked with a few truly amazing grooms – they have spoken so highly of their brides and praised them for their dedication to the planning process. I love when the groom knows what’s going on on the wedding day, you can tell he was involved in planning and really enjoyed teaming up with his partner to provide an unforgettable experience for their guests.

If you’d like more information about Megan Mary Events planning or coordinating your future event you can find Megan at Website, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

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