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This week we talk with Cara owner of Memories in Time Photography, a photographer who loves to laugh and can’t wait to make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale! Growing up in Michigan may give Cara an unfair advantage because that means she already knows what it’s like to branch out and explore. Read on to explore her story!

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Memories in Time Photography

What is your style like?
I believe in spoiling my brides and grooms, this is truly a unique relationship that needs to be cherished and treasured and grown. I give them warmth and lots of my time. I get to know them, pamper them, I offer free engagement shoots.

Getting Married in Minnesota | Memories in Time Photography

I am really flexible, so I can text, email or call. I do have business hours, 9a – 7pm, and then by appointment. I generally take Sunday and Monday off, which is nice because I’m working my butt off on Saturday and need a day of rest. Then Monday I am closed to the world so I can focus on the wedding I just had and only that.

same sex wedding couple | yellow boutonnieres | electric blue bow ties | Memories in Time Photography

How long will brides and grooms have to wait for wedding photos?
Turn around is generally 4 weeks, but I aim for sooner. I color correct, exposure correct, and make them the best possible image that you could receive. I need a little time to peruse the images that myself and my second shooter took at your wedding. Typically an 8 hour wedding gets between 800 and over 1,000 images.

bride and groom in front of ivy covered historic building | Memories in Time Photography

Holy! That is a ton of images, how do you choose from that?
We end up delivering the best images of the day, not just the formal posing photos but also the candid, like when the Father of the Bride sees his baby girl as a beautiful bride, a woman who is about to commit her life to another. Capturing the lip quivering, eyes filling with joyful tears moments, those are the moments that I live for.

bridal portrait | Memories in Time Photography

Most creative entrepreneurs don’t work out of an office, and seeing how you don’t need a dark room anymore, how do you meet up with clients?
I meet my clients for a coffee consultation during which we talk about your day and what you’re looking for. My client’s aren’t having just a traditional wedding, but they’re interested in capturing creative images, they want to have fun and as a couple, are laid back. My style is similar, I won’t let you know if something comes up and, if there’s not a wedding planner, I am the go to gal. I really want my couples to have nothing to worry about!

I truly believe that I am blessed to be a fairy godmother, every single week I get to be a part of a fairy tale. I walk away just knowing that this is my dream job and I have really witnessed pure romance. This year, I am looking forward to more destination weddings and traveling more with my business.

in the dessert at dusk, veil blowing in the wind | Memories in Time Photography

What else is in store for this year?
Texas and Michigan are on the docket, but I want to keep going! My style is really traditional but with a creative and fun side, from the relationships that I create, to groomsmen joking with me, pulling people into the moment. So being spontaneous and going with the flow, is what I’m all about. Knowing that if we get off schedule or off track, that it’s okay, no matter where I am. Being flexible can really yield some of the best images possible.

bride and groom kiss in red sports car | Memories in Time Photography

If you’d like more information about Memories in Time Photography at your future event you can find Cara Winters on their Website, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Tell me, do you have any other questions? Leave them below! If you know of someone looking for a wedding photographer, or in need of engagement photos … tell them about Memories in Time Photography!

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