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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

It’s not always easy to avoid inviting kids to your wedding, and when you have kids of your own it’s pretty much impossible. How can you say to your sister, ‘we want it to be an adult only wedding’, and then have your daughter be the flower girl?

Janna and Charlie decided to skip the drama and had a kid friendly wedding at a kid friendly venue. Pinstripes. Not just for little kids, this venue has bowling and bocce, a fire pit and valet parking. That means those big ‘kids’ will have a good time too!

For Janna it just made sense to get married at a venue that could accommodate a younger crowd. With two girls of her own and as the Director of Sales she thought where better to wed than Pinstripes?

Hosting my wedding at Pinstripes was a no-brainer.  I have worked here almost 7 years, I have planned over 200 weddings at Pinstripes, big, small and in-between.  It was not only time to put my money where my mouth is, but also time to show my friends and family the reason why I’ve worked so hard!

Pinstripes weddingPatio picture | wedding dress with a mid back cut in the backgroom in a gray suit with white tie on white button down

There were about a dozen kiddos ages 2-10 at our wedding celebration.  They honestly ruled the dance floor and photo booth, while the ‘grown-ups’ took over the bocce and bowling after dinner!

Here’s 10 ways to have a kid friendly wedding:

  1. Wide open spaces. Pick a venue that has some area where kids can run around and need only 1 adult to supervise. Like a field, or a built in bowling alley at your reception venue.
  2. Incorporate little ones in your wedding. Whether it be a first look with their mommy (the bride) or as part of the wedding party (flower girl or ring bearer). Including them in this special event might end up being more precious than you thought possible.
  3. Distractions. Some kids get squirmy right when the ceremony starts, provide coloring books or bubbles to help parents cope.
  4. Kids menu. MUST. Have options that you’ll pay less for and that kids will eat more of… eat at all.
  5. Hire a DJ who has a good playlist. Frozen, Moana, Trolls. The works. Have said DJ play those kid favorites during cocktail hour, when adults don’t want to dance but children have an inordinate amount of energy. Like seriously, where does it come from?
  6. Baby friendly bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms. Ones with changing tables, or even a nursing room for moms who are still providing that previous self-made baby food to their tiny ones.
  7. A good non-alcoholic drink menu. This means more than just soda. How about chocolate milk and apple juice? It doesn’t take a lot to appease those thirsty tots.
  8. NO GLASSWARE. Because if you have glassware it might get dropped, and if it falls it’s likely to shatter, and when it shatters you’ll need to clean it up, and after cleaning it up there might be a few slivers or shards left behind. Ever seen a barefoot child, anywhere? First thing to be sacrificed from a wedding outfit are shoes, so think about their poor little toesies and opt for plastic. Just in case.
  9. Childcare. Feeling really fancy? Provide childcare for kids for the entire wedding or just after dinner. That way your friends and family don’t have to miss out on your big day, as it turns into night. #afterparty
  10. Embrace the unexpected. Honestly, with anything wedding related (and anything in life) you can’t control completely what will or won’t happen. Make your wedding kid friendly by letting go of expectations, rolling with the punches, and being in the moment.

first look with mommydramatic table setting for indoorsIntimate bride and groom pictures

Want a wedding inspired by Janna + Charlie? Check out their vendors:
Venue // Pinstripes
Photography // Bellagala
Videography // Summit Hill Studios
Hair and Makeup // Beauty by Jacquelyn
Cake // Buttercream
Draping + lighting // Avant Décor
Linen // Linen Effects

How are you planning for your wedding with kids?

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