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This week I’ve got the help of Nicole French to give you all some much needed advice on how to get the transportation you need for you and your fiancé, your bridal party, and all of the guests that want to properly imbibe at your wedding. Nicole is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Premier Transportation, that’s 30 years of wedding transportation expertise all bundled into this little blog post. Read on for 5 Ways to Make a Transportation Rental Inquiry.

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Premier Transportation

Simply sending an email or filling out the contact form with ‘I need transportation for my wedding, how much will it cost?’ will likely cause you a big headache, and it won’t help Premier one bit in getting you the vehicle your event needs. Every single wedding has custom rates, because every single wedding is unique! For example, when you book a vehicle for a longer amount of time, the rate per hour will go down, other factors that play into it? The time of day you need the rental for, the type of vehicle you need, even the day of week will make the rate change.

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Premier Transportation for Wedding Rentals

The best way to make a transportation inquiry:

  1. Start with the type of event; rehearsal dinner, for the bridal party or for guests to the reception or ceremony or roundtrip
  2. Date and time of the event
  3. Number in the party, how many people will be on board. If it’s for the bridal party don’t forget to count the photographer!
  4. Locations of point A and point B, like the hotel guests are staying at and the ceremony venue
  5. List your preferred vehicles

Nicole would really encourage couples to spend a little more time thinking about the timing of their transportation. Let’s look at an example:

Leslie and Taylor have booked Premier Transportation to transport their wedding guests to the ceremony site. They are getting married on a Saturday at 5pm and there are 134 wedding guests (excluding the wedding party who is already at the venue). Their guests are staying at a hotel in Woodbury, but they are saying I do in Stillwater. They really prefer all of their guests to arrive at the same time.

Premier Transportation has three motor coaches (each can hold 56) picking guests up at 4:25 pm. The driver arrives at 4:10 pm, early bird guests begin to load the bus. In total it takes 10 minutes to completely load each bus. The drive takes 18 minutes and it takes another 10 minutes to unload. Guests enter the ceremony site, are seated by ushers and all settled in to watch the magic of a wedding by 4:55 pm.

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Premier Transportation for Wedding Rentals

Phew! See how quickly time flies! Always opt for an earlier pick up and allow for more time than you think you’ll need. If the wedding had been Friday at 5 pm, Leslie and Taylor would have needed to think about traffic, that means adding 10-15 minutes on to the travel time, just in case.

Nicole also advices to book soon! Wedding vehicles are more specialty vehicles and go fast! So if you are looking for a photo worthy, fun to be on, vehicle, book sooner, you won’t regret it.

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Premier Transportation for Wedding Rentals


Knowing that we are still going to be in business, that we’ve got great longevity and you can absolutely trust us. Well that’s reliability.

Premier let’s you book for a minimum of 2 hours, which is pretty darn nice. Nicole wants you to know that “Our drivers have been with us for over 25 years.” The fleet size of Premier Transportation? 50 vehicles, and that makes a big difference. “Because we have limos and vans, motor coaches and sedans we are really able to accommodate all types of needs for the wedding party over the entire weekend It’s one stop shopping for your event.”

If you’d like more information about Premier Transportation at your future event you can find Nicole on Website, on Facebook, on Twitter.

Tell me, do you have any other questions? Leave them below! If you know of someone looking for wedding transportation, or party bus for their event… tell them about Premier Transportation![clickToTweet tweet=” I just met a great wedding vendor on Head Over Heels… you’ll want to meet them too!” quote=”Introduce your friends to Premier Transportation” theme=”style6″]

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