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Hello friends! Think back for a second, to biology class, do you remember learning about horticulture. You know, the art of garden cultivation and management (*thank you google*). Well, I don’t. I hardly can grow things in my garden without that darn squash plant taking over everything. And you may be wondering what a horticulturalist has to do with your wedding, well the truth is, plants are an integral part of your wedding! Remember those things called bridal bouquets? How about boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen? And let’s not forget one of my favorite current trends: ceremony trellises adorned in greenery and big blooms (see more here). But not every florist is a horticulturalist, so this week we are talking with Myra Pehoski of Rison Design, to be educated and amazed! So, Myra, what is a horticulturalist?

Floral and horticultural design for wedding and events in Minneapolis and beyond

It means I know more about the care of and the needs of plants, and not just fresh cut flowers. Air plants, succulents, fish gardens. It’s about things that grow and it’s about having their beauty intermingle with cut flowers. I also have expertise in helping my clients enjoy the outdoors with planters and plants in the ground. Think backyard weddings and large scale landscaping for outdoor events.

I definitely want brides and grooms to think more about about how guests enter the venue. You are paying a lot to rent the space and not every venue comes with well groomed facades or acreage. Planters are a great way to emphasize your wedding color scheme, have them placed to welcome people right as they enter the reception space. I understand that not all weddings take place outside, especially since Minneapolis is headed into winter, but it is becoming more popular to have at least a component of the wedding outside.

air plant bridal bouquet, horse garland, floral crown

Speaking of cold weather, what are some outdoor wedding decor options that include florals or plants?

Decorative wedding planters are a great option, you can include texture and elements that correspond to the rest of the wedding theme. For example I have a client whose colors are inspired by peacocks. Adding planters with blues and greens and purples with the feathers and mixed amongst plants is a great way to decorate their venue. And feathers can withstand most any temperature! Of course for winters in the snow I use pine cones and globes, lots of sparkle and flash that alludes to ornaments… tis the season.

Succulents and pine winter floral design

Of course I am a big fan of planters but it’s not the first thing you think of when it comes to weddings. What have you learned as a horticulturalist that directly benefit brides and grooms?

In school I learned about incorporation and about being able to understand what wedding florals typically look like and how they are constructed. Loose versus tight bouquets, formal (basic round) versus lots of greens centerpieces. But from that basic knowledge I am able to apply everything else I learned, about hydrating blooms, how long they stay fresh and in what circumstances, which fragrances can play together etc.

Rich wedding bouquet with dark greens and white blooms

What is your favorite wilt-resistant flower or bloom? And what florals should we know about that aren’t as hardy?

Calla lilies are really good for long days and stay fresh long, also pincushion protea, spider mums… well, chrysanthemums in general, oh, and orchids. Trickier florals, the first thing that comes to mind: hydrangeas. They require a lot of moisture, lots of water intake, which makes it difficult to manage during the hot wedding season. Dahlias are also really sensitive to touch, this means as boutonnieres they may not hold up terribly well. In general, it all comes down to how you handle and place the florals in an arrangement or in boutonnieres and corsages.

Large bouquet with white hydrangeas, pink and cream roses

Funny, because all of the florals you mentioned can come in your favorite color… Orange! Though not every wedding includes a bright palette, how do you implement your brand into each wedding and is orange always present?

There are a lot of different things that play into my brand. Color is one, but also style, incorporating fresh cut flowers with plants. If orange isn’t part of your palette, then I rely more on my creative and unique style, which always tends to be a bit unexpected. I use lots of texture and I’m always thinking about fragrance, the smell of fresh flowers or pine is as another way to make your event memorable for wedding guests.

What’s one piece of advice you give couples getting married in Minnesota?

wood branch floral crown

Allow your wedding florist creative freedom! If they are an expert they are going to have a plethora of options for what your final product can look like. Get to know each other, share your story, and most importantly, communicate what it is exactly that you want for your wedding. For me, once I know all of that, then I can really make your wedding flowers represent who you are as a couple. I may be able to get a really great deal for special blooms that will give you better bang for your buck. Floral that will work in the overall design of your event. The sooner I know what you are looking for the better I can scope out those deals to really give more flair to your vision and my design.

Florals can really make a huge impact on your wedding day and how you remember it in pictures for years to come, think about your wedding day flowers as an extension of the decor and the venue that you celebrate your love in and with.

Bridal bouquet with roses and hydrangeas and bridal gown with lace | Studio 220 Photography

If you’d like more information about Rison Design at your future event you can find Myra Pehoski on her Website, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter.

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