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Rosehenge Hall

Fab! Weddings is a crowd pleaser, just read any one of their thank you cards on the testimonial page of their website.

“Thank you for doing a fabulous job on our wedding ceremony! We felt so relaxed through the ceremony in part from your humor! You did such a great job and we would recommend you to anyone! Thank you so much!”

That one is addressed to George, the Chief Joy Officer, and it’s quickly apparent that George is not just great at wedding planning, but that he’s terribly knowledgeable and detail oriented. And the knowledge is priceless, it means that the details are addressed so that your wedding day timeline, your wedding vendors and your wedding venue are all organized in a way that leads to easy success.


Venues. Fab! Weddings boasts three, and today we are going to check out Rosehenge Hall, located in Lakeville, MN.

Rosehenge Hall is a great venue for a medium sized wedding, and because it’s a Fab! Weddings venue, practically everything is included. Decor and the DJ, sound and lights, the bar, catering, onsite parking, and even a photographer.

Rosehenge Hall features wood beams, natural lighting, and vaulted ceilings, making the room feel airy and bright. But what about when it comes time to start the dances and the sun hasn’t set yet? Even if it is early in the evening, George makes sure that the blinds come down and the lights get dimmed. That way your first dance feels romantic and magical.

The best way to use this space? Opt to get ready in your hotel suite, then have your ceremony at an outdoor venue, like Cindyrella’s Garden, or a church, and finally guide your guest to Rosehenge Hall for the reception. Of course you can organize your day any which way you like, but following that timeline makes for an easy road to your best day ever.


George reminds us that there are free shuttles from most of the Lakeville hotels, making Rosehenge Hall  a great location for those of you with guests coming from out of town. 

If you opt to have your ceremony and reception onsite then there is no need to have an inclement weather contingency plan, you can keep your pre-wedding jitters to a minimum. The room flip happens during your receiving line and because George staffs appropriately, it will only take 15 minutes, hardly noticeable.

What sets Rosehenge Hall apart from other venues are the many thoughtful details. Like the head table backdrop, or the fact that all of the speakers and lights are hidden until they’re needed, so no annoying equipment in the backdrop of your photos. This makes a huge difference if you are the type of person who notices small details and if you want to have large prints of your indoor wedding photos.

Really Rosehenge is a superb option if you are looking for a wedding without all the fuss, a wedding with easy set up and easy take down at the end of the night, all done for you. One where guests can’t help but fall in love with you and your fiancé, one where the night whisks you away. Pure magic.

Check out Rosehenge Hall on their website, their wedding blog, or their photographer. Fab! Weddings hosts an open house the last Wednesday of every month, so go and meet George, see the space and start planning your Fab! wedding.