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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

A ceremony in the wedding ceremony is a nice way to bring meaning to your vows, to include your family in the whole process and to allow for an instrumental interlude. While there are different times to light the candles, different amounts of candles to be lit, and different persons lighting the candle, it all comes down to making this ceremony unique to you and your fiancé. Finding what fits best for your family and really rejoicing in the love that’s about to light up your life!

Getting Married in Minnesota Blog Post by Josey Stafford of Sixpence Events & Planning

Traditionally each of your moms will come up and light a candle. You and your fianceé will then take the candle from your mom, and together you will light a third candle. Then you blow out your individual candles, symbolizing your lives as separates no more. OVER, lol. Two lives, become one; two families, join together. Ordinarily you would light the candles after exchanging vows but here are a few ways to mix it up:

  1. Invite your dad’s to light the candles too, or instead of moms
  2. Have your family bring their own candle, maybe a family heirloom or just something special that is representative
  3. If either of your have children, include them in the ceremony, they can have their own mini-candle. Check here for dripless tapered candles

Tips to make your Unity Candle Ceremony flawless (and fire safe):

  1. Light the candles before using them, this way if there is a slight breeze, say you are outside or the air turns on, you’ll be able to light them – without any awkward chortles, pauses, or sweats.
  2. Check out these scripts from Officiant Eric on what to say when the candles are lit, or before they get lit, or during the lighting… and check out Thought Co. for a few more options.
  3. Practice, or at least instruct. Moving pieces and more people involved means more to be nervous about and fear you’ll mess up. Ease the worries of yourself, your fiancé or your family involved by rehearsing the ceremony in your wedding ceremony!
  4. Make sure the candles fit the candlestick holders. A wobbly lit candle is one bump away from an accident
  5. Drape the table in linen and use a sash to cinch it.
  6. Add the candlestick holders to your rental order, either rental companies or florists will be happy to oblige OR purchase something that can be displayed in your home, a reminder that you’ve got to work together at this live you share.
  7. Song suggestions if you have live music, especially a string quartet: You Light Up My Life or Two Become One. Yes, those were serious suggestions.

Getting Married in Minnesota Blog Post by Josey Stafford of Sixpence Events & Planning

What’s a special wedding ceremony you’d like explained? Leave it below in the comment section! Special thanks to Minneapolis-based wedding photographer Mahonen Photography for the use of her photos.

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