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Tips on Beauty + Wellness

It’s very important to stay healthy during the wedding planning process—not only from a physical standpoint, but from an emotional one as well. As you are trying to achieve your amazing bridal glow, always remember that maintaining wellness is the highest priority. Stress can build up quickly when planning a wedding maintaining your emotional well-being will help the planning process immensely. 

Remember the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Exercising and eating right will keep your body in great shape, but may also help manage stress levels. Balancing work, family and wedding planning can be a challenge, but if you prioritize self-care, you’ll sail effortlessly through to your big day. 

How to achieve your best wedding-day look: 

  • Visit your stylist early in the planning process. If you will be making changes to your look, they’ll help guide you through the process. 
  • Don’t go too drastic. You want to look back at your wedding photos and know it was a true reflection of you. 
  • If you’ll be getting any facials, waxes or exfoliation treatments, be sure to do a trial run a few months before the wedding—you want to know how your skin may react. 
  • Have your trial hair and makeup appointment at least two weeks before your day. You want to take the time to perfect your look before the big day arrives. 
  • Try to make your trial for the day of your bachelorette party or bridal shower. That way, you will be able to show off your fabulous glow. 
  • When you visit your stylist for your trial hairdo, bring all your bridal jewelry and accessories. This is so the stylist won’t have any surprises to work with on your actual wedding day. 


Your beauty regimen will be roughly $150-500-plus, depending if you have weekly/ monthly appointments leading up to your wedding. Typical hair and makeup will average around $200. 

Questions to ask when selecting your hair and makeup artist: 

  • How many weddings have you done? Can I see a portfolio of your work? 
  • What is the total cost and what does that include? Trial sessions, day-of, extra items? 
  • Can you accommodate my bridesmaids as well? 
  • Do you have a group rate? 
  • Do you have a lot of experience with my skin type? What would you recommend for a beauty regimen prior to my wedding? 
  • What happens at the trial run? 
  • How long do your services typically take? 
  • Where will the hair/makeup session take place for both trial (typically at the salon) and day-of (onsite where you are getting ready)? 
  • What would happen if you are not available that day? Would there be a replacement from the salon? 

Tips on how to achieve your ideal lifestyle:

»  Visit with your physician. Ask them questions about what your ideal physical condition would be. Remember not all programs are right for everyone and having help can be the first step to a successful health plan. 

»  Don’t take on too many changes at once. You want these results to last far into your married life. 

»  Eat healthy fruits and veggies. A good rule of thumb is the more brightly colored they are, the better they are for you. 

»  Be active. Everyone is busy, especially when they are planning a wedding. Find time to make a consistent training program. This not only affects the size of your dress, but also the size of your stress. 

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