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Tips on Finding a Photographer + Videographer

Looking back on your wedding day after the magic has taken place, you flip through your wedding albums and relive your amazing day over and over again. Your day is going to fly by and when you need to recall your evening, you’ll turn to your wedding album and photos. Photography is not where you should be cutting the budget. Make sure that you have the best photographer you can afford—this is the best way to ensure your memories will be captured perfectly.

The vows, the toasts, your first dance together—these are some of the most important moments at your wedding. Being able to watch them again is something you will treasure. These special moments will be captured by your photographer, but to see them in live motion is an essential part of preserving your wedding-day memories. With wedding videography, you can watch your perfect day unfold before your eyes (and from your guest’s perspective).

Couples are realizing more and more how critical it is to have a videographer on their wedding day. Not having one to capture your day will likely be your biggest regret if you decide to pass on this vendor. When selecting a photographer and videographer, one of the most important things to consider is their personality. Does their temperament complement yours? Are they more laid back and calm or do they take charge and command the situation? They will be with you for most of your wedding day and being posed by someone that you are not comfortable with will inevitably end with awkward wedding photos. 

Then of course, there’s the photo booth. While no substitution for your photographer, photo booths add to a fun environment for your guests. Not only does it provide entertainment, allowing guests to snuggle up in front of the lens snapping goofy photos, but it also gives them a take-home favor. What’s more, you’ll have a book of their silly photos to look back on and help remember the day. 

Photography and videography will be responsible for roughly 15-20% of your budget. This will include the photo/ videographer’s hours on-site, engagement photos, wedding photos and footage, and tip to the photo/videographer (and their assistants if applicable). 

Questions to ask when selecting your photographer/videographer: 

  • What’s your favorite shooting style? Formal? Relaxed and creative? Photojournalistic? Candid? 
  • May we see your portfolio or albums of your work? 
  • Were all the photos in these albums taken by the same photographer? 
  • How many of these were similar to the size and style of our wedding? 
  • Are you the person that we will be working with personally on our day? If not, can we meet the person who will be? Do you bring an assistant or another photographer with you on the wedding day? 
  • Can we give you a shot list to work from? (This ensures you will be able to get the shots that are important to you.) 
  • How many weddings do you typically shoot in a year?
  • What types of packages are available? Can they be customized?
  • How many other events will you be capturing that weekend? (This is so you are aware if you are the only event or not. Although, most photographers have no problem shooting multiple events in a weekend.)
  • What kind of equipment will you bring? Do you have backup equipment available? (Asking this question will also give you a good idea of how much space they will need. This can be an important piece of information to know when they will be shooting the ceremony.)

Questions to ask yourself after the meeting: 

  • Did I bond with this person? Can I see myself spending the whole day with them and enjoying myself? 
  • Do I like their work as a wedding photographer/videographer? How is the lighting? Do they frame their work in a way that is appealing to me? 

Photographer: $150-250
Photographer Assistant: $50-100
Videographer: $150-250

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