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To Rent or To Own Groomswear

While it may seem as though the amount of decisions a groom has to decide is less than those of a bride, that just plain isn’t true. Especially when there are two grooms and no bride. But one decision that often gets associated with men and their wedding: groomswear. It must be the most common question men get asked, ‘what color is your suit’, followed by ‘are you renting it or buying it’.


Should you buy or rent your suit? Is it worth it to just borrow a suit for one day, or does it make more sense to spend your wedding dollars on an investment piece for your wardrobe? I picked the brains of Ben and David, recently married in June, and they both agree, when it comes to the choice between renting and owning a suit… you should own it.


Ben explains,

“We ended up purchasing matching suits. Buying was the best option for us. Since David wears suits often, it made sense to invest in a piece that would actually be worn and not just on this one day. We had it budgeted so the expense wasn’t difficult to justify. Really we didn’t want to wear something that everyone else was wearing, we wanted to stand out, together.”

David advises grooms (and brides who opt for a suit) to plan ahead. Find a place that provides the suit, but also great alterations, or bring it somewhere else to get altered. This is something that David can’t stress enough, wedding planning can get you feeling frazzled and you don’t want a poorly tailored suit to bring you down.

Personally, I bought my wedding outfit and I wasn’t expected to ever wear it again, right? I mean brides have zero guilt when purchasing a wedding dress, spending on average 5% of the wedding budget on that one piece of fancy and terribly pretty tulle, silk or lace. If a bridal gown can be splurged on, why can’t the suit?

And if you are going to purchase your suit, you should be able to wear it and you should feel completely nostalgic when you do. Are you looking for a place to purchase your suit?

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